Best Trees for Sandy Soil?

spafrica2003August 1, 2012

We are looking to replace some old Cottonwood trees lining the street along our condo complex. I need trees that are good in sandy soil, insect resistant, and that have a deep root system rather than a wide, shallow one. Any suggestions? Would like something that gets to at least 50 ft tall but not more than 70ish.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We need your general location in the world in order to make helpful suggestions.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

being a commercial installation.. have you not talked with nurserymen ...

it doesnt really matter what we recommend.. unless you are able to buy it.. in the size you wish ... within a reasonable distance from the installation ...

sand is the BEST media for trees.. so that is not an issue ..

as above... where are you


ps:.. let me get this straight.. the developer planted cottonwood all thru the development??? ... man i could lend some choice words about that genius.. lol ... and i will bet.. he did it.. because they were a nickle a piece.. and FAST GROWING ... [unless of course.. it was you.. and then the decision was brilliant.. lol]

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Sand good for trees? Well that explains it. I have rocks and sand.

My son and I were arguing today about how long ago I planted the big plane tree in my front yard. I thought it was five years ago. It looks like it was five years. It was actually three. I am already getting some nice shade from that tree.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what MOST trees like.. after becoming establishment a sip of water.. and near total drainage..

which by my definition is sand ... as compared to clay ...


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Spafrica, look into pines. If any at all of this genus are suited to your area, they tend to enjoy sandy ground.


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But soil based on clay is normally much richer than sandy soil. I have sand here, and I have a lot of oaks and pines, but no ash or bird cherry. Best thing with sandy soil is that winter frost does not get as deep in it as in wet clay.

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No argument there, Hugg. Come to think of it, both choke and pin cherry can and do seem to thrive in sand lands. But without question, a clay-loam soil will have a much greater ability to hold onto nutrients.

OP's asking about sandy ground. Another thought, though I'm not especially fond of these plants, would be members of the Leguminosae, things like acacias, locusts, and so on. They can and do thrive in essentially sterile soils.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if PROPERLY PLANTED.. just about any tree.. can survive in ANY soil ...

but the OP seemed to suggest.. that their choice of tree.. would be dictated by the sand ...

all i was trying to do .. was suggest that .. per se .. IN AND OF ITSELF.. sand was not an issue ...

in my garden .... i have over 550 conifers.. which are trees ... and about 100 shrubs.. and 100 trees.. and none of them care about my mineral sand .... IMHO .... its just not an issue ...

the ONLY issue with a high draining sand.. is PROPER aftercare in regard to watering .... until the trees are WELL ESTABLISHED .. and able to fend for themselves.. and how long that takes.. is a function of how large the transplants are ...

wonder if OP will ever come back ..????


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Quercus Fusiformis is a good choice grown from acorns so you have the taproot helping with drought. They are hardy to zone 6. If op cares yet.

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