Leaning Pistache

24681534August 7, 2013

My chinese pistache is leaning and I am not sure if I need to prune it or just let it be. I have another that is great. Any advice would be appreciated

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Probably root-bound, as this is very common - growers not keeping stock potted on with adequate frequency. So there is nothing to do except rig up a permanent support, if that appears to become necessary. I definitely would not reduce the top, that will not help the tree at all. In fact, root growth is supported by food made by the leaves.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

either accept it for what it is...

or get rid of it...

but you are NOT going to pull it back..

and who wants scaffolding out in front of the house ...

you... MIGHT.. trim off the right most branch... to favor the center one ... and start training it to the center straighter leader ...

would be easier to tell when its leafless...

bottom line.. it looks like a magnificent house.... i am having an issue with a carpy $50 tree.. messing up the view .... perhaps prune once..see what happens.. but start growing that seed in the back of your head.. that you CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER.... what is this thing saying about you and your castle????


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I would check to see if the tree is girdled at the base and not choking itself.(sometimes a problem with CP trees). Assuming the roots radiate out like a wagon wheel you could crop it once which is sometimes done with Chinese Pistache.

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