OT: Anyone here use Deer Scram?

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)April 29, 2014

Just wondering if anyone knows how to use this?

My biggest question is they say to sprinkle a 16" wide barrier around edges of gardens. so does that mean I would put out this barrier over the lawn that surrounds these beds? Or does it have to go on bare soil or?

I am looking into other deer repellents. I want to incorporate a 2nd one into my devious plan LOL! I have heard repellents work better if the same one isn't used over and over.

Your info on Deer Scram and any other ideas please!



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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Vera, I haven't used Deer Scram, but I do use the sprays. They seem to work (of course, they smell so bad I always joke that they keep EVERYONE and EVERYTHING away, lol!). I have also heard that they work better if you switch them up. So while I've only used the sprays, I switch up the brands; my personal preference is to use organic sprays.

I've read you can make your own, but the thought of doing that makes me gag, lol. Bad enough I once sprayed it just as the wind popped up and it covered me, covered my hair, got in my mouth - ugh!

Good luck! I hope you win the battle against the deer!


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I used Deer Out in 2012 season....did pretty good and smelled minty. However the deer decided it didn't taste too bad towards last summer/fall. They started eating the flowers off of the Calendula, Coreopsis and Snapdragon mostly. Last year I used a homemade version and it worked good, but I had to keep replacing clogged spray bottles LOL and still they ate pretty much from the same plants and also from the Rugosa Roses that just started blooming last year from wintersown seed sown in 2009. Also that was a stinking mess :O

I went ahead and ordered both Deer Scram pellets and Deer Stopper spray from amazon and the first one should be delivered today. Just in time too....the Elk have moved on and the deer have arrived!!

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