Love and Peace? Please tell me your experiences with it.

mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)November 6, 2012

Hi all! I just ordered this rose from S&W for the spring. Anyone got experience with it to share with me? Especially, how does it handle heat? How's its overall health, productivity, bloom form? Resistance to weather?

Any input is welcome. Thanks.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Are you talking about the HT (Love & Peace) or the mini (Love and Peace)? I'll assume the HT.

Gorgeous blooms--golden yellow centers, blushing vivid pink on the edges.

That's her good point. Drove me nuts--at the end of every bloom cycle, she would get a major attack of BS. I guess if you spray regularly, it won't bother you that much, but I'm trying to get rid of any roses that need to be sprayed that often.

I moved her twice and she never seemed to snap out of it. Never was very vigorous. I kept murmuring encouraging phrases for several years, but didn't help. Perhaps my Zone 6 winters were too much for her, but other HTs get pruned down nearly to the ground come early spring and bounce back with vigor as the days get warmer, so I'm not sure what her problem was. If it was cold winters, you shouldn't have that problem.

I sent her to rose heaven this past season. I truly miss the gorgeous blooms but nothing else about this troublesome rose. It was the bad attack of BS at the end of each blooming cycle that really proved too much for me.


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ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)

I saw this rose blooming it's head off at the Earthkind garden in Farmer's Branch, Texas this spring and made a mental note. THis is a garden that gets minimal care and maximum hot sun. So, I figure anything that works well here is a keeper. (look up EarthKind if you are not familiar with this, but, you probably are, so I won't explain).

Anyway, bought one in Fort Worth this summer, planted in the heat, and it is doing quite well. Minimal BS, in no spray garden. First year, so can't quite tell you repeat, but did have late spring and some fall blooms. Strong colors. I'd say would do well for you in NOLA!

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I meant the hybrid tea, not the mini. Regarding blackspot, it could be a regional thing. L&P is touted as loving the heat, and also as disease-resistant, so maybe the increased blackspot is a result of cooler conditions? I can't imagine any direct offspring of Peace NOT having at least some blackspot susceptibility, and I do spray preventively. If I did not, I would have to give up on hybrid teas. I have a few china roses, which are really quite BS tolerant, but I am hopelessly magnetically drawan to hybrid teas. Whaddaya gunna do. So the short of it is, I intend to spay L&P for fungal diseases, so hopefully that will not be an issue. Dublinbay, maybe your significant blackspot on your L&P was the reason it was not very vigorous?

Any others with L&P experience? Do tell. : )

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Had it for 4 years in my z4 garden, not the most vigorous rose. A touch of BS late in the season this year for the first time. Can produce some stunning blooms in the fall, below is one that was 7" in diameter:

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

I grew it here in cool-summer western Washington, BS capital of the world, and it was very disease resistant here. Also very vigorous and floriferous. No fragrance though, which is why I didn't keep it when I moved. So BS susceptibility is not directly related to cool climate, but I can't tell you how it handles heat 'cause we don't get any here. People start keeling over at 85 F.

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

Awww, you're making me homesick. I've been in the Gulf South many years, but I was born and raised in western Washington, Puyallup and Olympia, to be exact. I started growing roses as a 5th grader in Nisqually valley near Fort Lewis. Definitely a very different experience from growing roses in the deep South. But both places are sure no stranger to blackspot. Your growing season is certainly much shorter, but on the plus side for you, the cooler temps allow the blooms to take their time forming, and so you get bigger, shapelier blooms. We really have TWO peak seasons--early spring, and mid-to-late fall. While June through early-September is so hot the roses just suffer through it, and the main goal for rosarians is just to keep the poor plants hydrated and protected from disease during the heat wave. Eager to see how Love and Peace does for me. : )

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I live on the West Coast of Florida and have had Love&Pease for a year. It's one of my favorites and I absolutely adore the mix and depth of colors. It resembles Double Delight just with yellow and vivid pink. I would say L&P is quite vigorous for me but mine is from Nelson nursery and grafted on fortuniana rootstock. Good news - the rose tolerates heat ( at least Florida heat in 10a) very well. Not so good news - it does blackspot but honestly I doubt there is a HT which would not do it in our humidity. It looked like L&P was trying to resist it and I didn't want to spray so I skipped spraying once then twice then again and again... untill it was too late and it blackspotted badly and defoliated. Then we had a chilli thrips attack and they damaged all new grows so I had to trim the rose hard. Now the humidity and heat are down and she is coming back - leafed out and has about two dozen buds and flowers.

As a bonus mine has a pleasant sweet fragrance, not the strongest one but I would say 6 out of 10.

Overall, if you don't mind spraying regularly you should definitely try growing L&P, it is a very beautiful rose.

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I've had Love and Peace for at least 8 ranks high on my favs's very winter hardy and rides out the kansas summers blooming nicely....
the colors are gorgeous, the fragrance is heavenly,the blooms are so pretty in size and shape, it would be a good addition to anyone's rose garden.

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Tuggy3(9b NorCal)

Has anyone grown Love & Peace on its own roots? I received one from a friend and it had an odd shaped but very sizeable root structure. After three years it has remained small and produced a total of three very fine blooms. The climate is warm with easy winters and roses in the same bed are zooming. It gets plenty of sun too. I could buy a new budded one locally and start over. Maybe this one doesn't do so well on own roots? Mary

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