Chicagoland Annual plant swap

sheltiecheApril 20, 2011


Chicagoland 5th annual plant swap will proceed as usual Friday Eve 5-7 pm Memorial day weekend.

If you were there previous years do not forget to stop by and if you have any new gardening friends bring them along! If you live within driving distance to North Chicago suburbs we would be happy to see you and show our gardens.

Everything goes- seedlings, divisions, cuttings, separate table for garden related items and table with snacks. Separate area for prearranged trade items.

Previous years we would start post here regarding who has what to bring and people will ask for plants to be set aside with their names which will go to that area.

We had a blast previous years and hoping for this one to be as successful!

For more details, questions and address, please send me email.

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Hi All,
I am excited for this year because I missed last year and I just bought a house in Jeff Park with lots of gardening space; my lot is 30 x 175 and there are two pine trees in the back for a little shade garden. I can use some ideas!

I might not have any plants to contribute this year (maybe some cannas, we'll see) but I can bring wine to make up for it. I promise next year I will have much to contribute.

I haven't seen all of what's growing there yet. Some tulips are coming up, and I did see ditch lillies last year in the yard. If anyone wants the lillies, I will bring them.

I am not picky, so i will take generous donations. =) My bungalow is a reddish brown brick, so I was thinking reds/pinks/oranges and some whites. What do you think?

I went over last year's list, so if I may make some requests?

Possible donations:
Canna (not sure the type, leaves start dark and turn green by end of season with red blooms)
Ditch Lillies
Helianthus Multiflous (perennial sunflower, about 6 - 8 ft tall, with prolific yellow daisy-like blooms)

Annabelle cuttings
Primulas, all colors fine
red/orange coneflowers
white/red/orange daisies
Black Eyed Susans
Any other suggestions are great.

Thanks all and I'm really excited to see everyone!


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Yippie! I've been checking in every day for weeks waiting for this thread to appear (so excited!)

I'm sure that I will have some heirloom tomato seedlings to share. I can even plant some for the swap at this point if people have a specific request (I have about 120 varieties and can email a list if needed). Our CSA farm also offered their extra organic seedlings to shareholders and I have a bunch of those earmarked for the swap if I can keep them healthy for the next month (I'm used to WS "set it and forget it" seedlings so we'll see how I do with greenhouse seedlings). If they stay healthy I'll likely have broccoli, cauliflower, scallions, onions, and cabbage and perhaps some other goodies by then as they may offer a second round of seedling offers in the weeks ahead.

I also plan to thin the strawberry beds and yank out some Centaurea Montana if anybody wants some of either. The majority of the strawberries are everbearing although there are some June bearing in there and I won't know which is which since they share a bed.

My wish list includes the jack in the pulpit that I missed out on last year ;o), pansies, bee balm, white balloon flowers, some tasty white heirloom tomato, and I'm sure a million other things that I won't realize that I need until I see them on the list or at the swap.

Thank you lindalana for making my day!

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May I suggest that when plants are meant for a specific person, they are placed in a labeled brown bag and maybe stapled shut? That might eliminate plants which I'm sure were accidentally taken even tho they were meant for someone else.

Oh and BTW, I shall be joining you!


Stage-Rat, if you're around, I've got something for you!


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@HappyGardener - I wouldn't mind some strawberries if there are extra plants.

I just found a pack of Shasta Daisy seeds from this year's Flower & Garden show. Should I try growing those indoors for the swap? Is anyone interested? Let me know.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

You've made my day, lindalana, even though I have no more room for any plants...I still want more woodland plants, lol.
I am waiting to see if that young gardener will bring me Dicentra cucularia as promised. :-)

I had better fill a request for that day off from work!

I have been thinking of the plant swap.... especially today while walking around in the garden in the rain.........and dreaming of the plant swap. lol

Rolando, where are you in Jefferson Park? Come over to my house at once! I live in Portage Park and am dying to dig up plants! I need to thin out so many things.
Unfortunately all my cannas froze. I completely forgot to dig them up before taking a trip in November. When I came home in December, there was 3 - 4 inches of snow on the ground!

Ronneil came over a couple weeks ago to dig up some plants. I was having my garage rebuilt and needed to remove several clematis. Now I am having a large space for a vegetable garden. I can't wait until the fence is built so I can start planting veggies. :-D

Darn those builders. They put down stakes right in the middle of my nursery bed where I put those baby hostas and baby trilliums.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I have a lot of Annabelle, some primula and many other stuffs.
Happy, I would love veggies. I have bee balms and many others to share.

Who has a rain barrel to give away? My husband made me 2 but they filled up fast. I am getting a couple more, probably this weekend. I am looking for food grade rain barrels. Saw several on craigslist. baby Jack-in-the pulpit was staked right through...bummer.

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chitownladyd(Z5 Chicago)

Oh happy day!

Well Linda that flushed me out of the brush! So excited about the swap. I've been wondering if it was a go this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Last year was my first and I truly enjoyed myself.

I'm still putting stuff out. I purposefully overdid it so that maybe I would have something to trade.

Sorry to hear about your Jack-in-the-pulpit pitimpinai.

La Donna

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks. La Donna.
I am still dazed from the whole thing. The backyard is a mess and the heavy rain does not help either.
I can't wait til I can putter around in the garden.

Here's what I am most excited about, not the new garage, mind you. lol:
I am getting a 20+ft x 8 ft vegetable garden! That's a lot of veggies.....:-D
Folks who have a large yard won't understand, but city folks like us will. :-)

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Can one show without plants to swap? I'm new to this whole thing and would like to oooh and aaah over other peoples plants, and possibly contribute next year :o)

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

LilBlossom, please come. You can bring anything that is related to gardening, magazines, seeds, garden tools you no longer want, edging, pots, you name it. People will grab them anyway.

I will bring plenty of plants to share. I started to pot things up since last year and did some today as well.

Maybe you can bring a bag of potting soil to trade for something you like. :-) I can always use a bag of Promix potting mix. :-P

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Rolando-I will have some strawberries with your name on them. Need to start digging them up soon. They run everywhere.

Pitimpimai-Congratulations on the garden! I totally share in your excitement vicariously. I'm in the burbs but back to a forest so anything edible planted in-ground becomes dinner to the wandering furry neighbors. All veg in pots for me although I dream of an in-ground plot someday (and I may sneak some cabbage & lettuce in amongst my front flower beds and hope that the critters don't notice). I'll bring veggie seedlings for you if I can hold these off for a month. Alternatively if you happen to be heading out to the western 'burbs you can come get them sooner. I have beets, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, and scallions; multiple varieties of each.

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

I've been thinking about the swap for the last week and I am so glad to see this post.

I will be bringing some stuff - don't know what yet.

Mone - I have a client that has tons of Jack's and he lets me have what I want. If they are up by then and I end up doing more work there I will see if I can get you one. I have several large ones but they are not up yet - even the Solomon's Seal is only slowly just starting to emerge.

I would love to get another one of those Ukranian Tomatos. They were the best - very large and very orange. I probably have the name somewhere. Also, looking for the narrow sweet peppers.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

This sounds like so much fun, I wish I lived in Chicago. (g)
Congratulations on the rebuilt garage and new garden beds, pitimpinai!
Looking forward to seeing photos when you get it the way you want it.

Have fun ladies!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

prairiemoon, move over here!
It really is a lot of fun. I already put in a request to have that day off from work. Every time I swore I would not bring anything home. I just wanted to meet fellow gardeners but every time I would come home with a van full of loots. Lol.

shmooey..I think..promised me Dicentra cucularia. Please, if you read this, please bring me some. I know by Memorial Day it will be only corms in the ground, but I really, really would like some, please.

Salena, please, if you have a chance, I would love Jack-in-the- pulpit. Thank you.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well moving may not be in the cards, but anytime I ever visit Chicago... ;-)
Or.....all the Chicago gardeners could sign on for the Garden Conservancy tours and maybe some winter sowers would come and visit. (g)

Is that Dicentra, the 'Dutchman's Breeches'? It is so cute! I have wanted that for awhile and last winter I think I saw seed for sale on the Prairiemoon nursery website, for anyone that wants to try winter sowing it and getting a lot. I'm going to try that next winter.

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shmooey(7B Seattle)


i knew this day would come and i would have pangs of sadness. I had so much fun last year and it was really nice sharing all my woodland plants with people who appreciate them. HOWEVER. I have since up and left Chicago, and the Midwest- for the west coast!

I gained two zones, but lost a lot of gardening contacts and resources.

Mone, i would totally bring you some dicentra's if i was still close :( So sad your jacks didnt make it! Everyone else said theirs are coming back with a vengeance - so i know it would have done well if it wasnt stabbed in the heart :P

Have fun everyone, i hope its a great year!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

shmooey. So sad you moved away.
But you have gained a wonderful gardening climate, haven't you? I am jealous of your weather.

Stabbed in the heart is right. I did put a couple trilliums you gave me in front of the house, so not all was lost. They are coming up now. They look different from the ones another friend gave me a few years before. I didn't know there are many different I have 3 thanks to you.

Yes, preairiemoon. DIcentra cucularia is Dutchman's Breeches. But I still want more...wahhhh
I bought this last year. I can't wait for them to multiply. I hope they set seeds just like Bleeding Heart.

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shmooey(7B Seattle)

They must seed well, because where i got them from there were a lot of young ones everywhere. Also i am under the impression that eventually the corms may be broken up when dormant, and they will sprout. They look like little clusters of pink bulblets... like a wad of chewing gum almost. A lot of them broke into individual bulblets just in my hand from digging them out. I think their propagation seems promising.

And yes, gardening here seems totally different. People dont even ask what zone things are! Half the perennials are evergreen too. A lot of stuff to re-learn now. :)

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Ive heard about those giant slugs you guys have out there....

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I've been so excited to watch my plants wake up to spring and as they do I think fondly of all of you who have brought so much to the plant swaps and brightened my garden in the process.

Already delighting me with their appearance this season; hops and trillium (shmooey) bleeding hearts, primroses (lindalana), prairie smoke, (pitimpinai) and even some surprises like pretty ferns, astilbe, pulsatilla and red sorrel that came from mystery plant swap sources in years past. Of course, there are also plants coming up that I snagged from last year's swap and I have no idea what they are. I can't wait for them to bloom so that I can ID them. I'm really excited to see what this year's swap adds to the garden!

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I just dug up a bunch of crab apple seedlings. They're about 12 inches tall. Post here or Email me if you are interested, I shall pot some up.

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

Does anyone have a list yet of what they are bringing?

If they are up and I get to this house in time I will try and bring Mone a Jack. And for Ellen a piece of Crambe cordifolia (Sea Kale).

Doris, I wish I had a spot for a crabbapple but I don't :(

I am bringing a couple of Cup Plants, Nodding Onion, Clove Currant shrubs, Wild Columbine, Culver's Root, Bicknelli's Sedge, Japanese Anenome 'September Charm'. I can also pot up a couple of Virginia Bluebells - they were a bit too prolific this year.

I've also got a couple of gardening books and nice thick full color catalogues from Ball Seed.

I am looking for a third clematis to grace the side of my garage - does Esther still have some of that wonderful yellow clematis? Or even a nice pink or blue one. Now that I've redone my woodland garden for I hope the final time a few of the red primroses now that I have the room. I lost my beautiful one from Ellen this winter :( But the Tellima grandiflora is now in it's third glorious season. The red beebalm last year from Mone is also doing very well.

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Ill bring monarda, chives and some hostas.
Ill probably also have a couple extra spaghetti squash plants.

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As of today I've potted up:

culinary sage seedlings
yellow lamium (can't recall which kind)
centaurea montana
tricyrtis (miyazaki hybrids and latifolia)
apple mint
rudbeckia goldsturm

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I would like some apple mint, cauliflower, broccoli & cabbage, please.

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pitimpinai-I have 1 cabbage and 1 cauliflower left and both have your name on them (I kept giving them away to any visiting gardeners because they really needed to get in the ground asap). I also have about a dozen broccoli left. LMK how many you want, and I'll set some apple mint aside for you too.

I'll also likely be picking up more seedlings from our CSA farm (brussel sprouts, eggplant, tomatoes, celery, peppers, corn, etc.) and I'll bring any extras to the swap for whoever wants them.

Lastly, I potted up some bleeding heart seedlings that had volunteered from white and pink bleeding hearts that came to my garden by way of lindalana should anyone want some.

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bringing some lemon balm and Ill have my eye out for those white bleeding hearts. :)

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

happy, Thanks.
I'll take all the broccoli, cauliflower & cabbage you have left, please.
My vegetable garden is not ready yet. I plan to box up the bed this Sunday, but I heard that it is going to rain all weekend. My new gate is not up yet either and there are hordes of rabbits in the neighborhood. Bummer.

Here are what I have potted up:
-Rudbeckia triloba
-Korean Feather Reed Grass
-No name aster (New England, New York)
-Solidago "Wichita Mountain"
-Red Twig Dogwood (several)
-Hydrangea "Annabelle"
-Monarda 'Gardenview Scarlet"
-Echinacea purpurea
-Perennial Geranium
-Northern Sea Oats

Can't remember what else.

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

Happygardener could I also get a few of the strawberry and if the brocolli isn't all spoken for a couple of those as well and any Eggplant (my favorite vegetable) and if you have any of the narrow sweet peppers.

Mone - I have that Red Monarda you gave me last year it's really looking good this year. May I get a couple of the Foxreed Grass please?

Doris - may I please have one or two of your spagetti squash?

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chitownladyd(Z5 Chicago)

I am so bummed!!! My son called himself doing a good deed and "cleared my jungle" behind the garage and mowed down a variety of my shade garden plants that were in their second or third year. One of which just turned out to be a prized annabelle hydrangea. Mone, please put one aside for me me pleeezzze! And if you have any more prairie smoke, I have really wanted that beauty, too.

If anyone has any ferns I would also love to replace those along with a hardy geranium or two (cranesbill I think).

I almost cried, (honestly I did shed a tear or two). So little really flourishes in that area since there is very little sun --but I can't kill him since he's my one and only child. LOL

Not sure what I'm bringing, depends on what else sprouts. I started kinda late with mainly annuals. Last year I think I brought a few hostas and lillies.

Looking forward to the fun.

La Donna

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PVick(6b NYC)

Every year I read this post, and every year I am so sad that I don't live near so I can come. I would love to meet all of you - you always have so much fun!

Oh, well .... enjoy for me too!


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gonativegal(zone 5a)

Chitownlady, I have a prairie smoke potted up that I can spare. I had a few set aside for clients but I can bring one for you.

PV - Until I found this swap I used to salivate with envy over a giant garden swap that goes on in Kansas City every year. Do you guys have one in your area?

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Ok, here's the list of what I'm bringing for specific people so far. If I missed anything or anyone, please let me know. Thanks!

Karen-pineapple tomato

pitimpinai- cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli (lots), apple mint
****If you have them to spare I would love a couple monarda and 1 or 2 Annabelles

Gonativegal-a few strawberries, couple broccoli, eggplant (if I have), narrow sweet peppers if I can get any
*****If you're able to get a hold of one I would LOVE a jack. I've been trying to sap one up at the swaps for the last 2-3 years but have never been lucky enough to get one.

dorisl-white bleeding hearts
****I would love some hostas especially large-leaved varieties or any with white or lime green. I'd also take monarda if you have.


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I have green hostas with white edges.
Thank you for the hearts!


you got it!

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happy, I meant to say both the hostas and the monarda are yours.


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chitownladyd(Z5 Chicago)

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy!

gonativegal, I think that prairie smoke will ease the pain of my loss a little. If I knew how to post a photo of my devastated yard I would.

I'm sure I have a few more hostas I can bring. I may even have a couple of Joe Pyes. If I knew what monarda look like in early stages I would part with them. I had some last year, but forgot what they look like or where they are.

La Donna

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I am looking forward to attending! Are we posting our wants here, or referring people to our GW wishlists?

So far the only thing is am sure I will have are Montana Bluet, Alma Potschke aster, and phlox of unknown color. I brought so much the first year or two, that nothing has grown back enough to divide again! Even my red monarda has disappeared.

happygardener23, I would love some bleeding hearts, of any color. I keep trying it, but so far have not been lucky.

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Dang it! I'm scheduled to work again this year. Hope someone will trade with me.

Mone - I love my grasses (oat and purple love)! Will you have any willow cuttings? Don't know why but I can't seem to get them to survive - and I want them so bad!!!!

Stage Rat - My kiwi look fantastic! I think there are little flower buds this year!!!!!!!!!

Gonativegirl - My three little red buds are still surviving. I have to find a permanent spot for them now.

I would love some of those ground cherries someone brought one fall. I'm sorry I dont remember who brought them. I was unable to save the seeds. Tried some others from a swap last year, they sprouted but only grew to about 2" all summer!

I have a new gardening friend who I know would love to come too.

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Would anybody like soapwort?

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Gonativegal-the farm had Carmen sweet peppers, which are long and thin, would you like some of those? If so, how many (if available). Also, they had 4 different types of eggplant: Nadia, Orient Express, Beatrice,and one where the tag looked like it said "Clear" eggplant, but I can't seem to find that variety online, so it must have been some other name but I don't know what. In any case, which ones might you like me to bring for you?

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Boy, this is fun...I wish the weather will cooperate so I can get my garden going. I was planning to build a vegetable bed this weekend but it is raining cats and dogs.....
I would like to pot up some more plants too. Bummer

I will note what everyone's wishes and pot up some more accordingly...if it stops raining....

La Donna, I didn't sow any Prairie Smoke this year. Maybe Lindalana will have 1 or 2 to spare. I gave her a large container full of seedlings last year. They must be big now.
Sorry about your son's good intention. Well he was tryibg to help! :-) They may grow back, especially Hosta & Annabelle.

I would love a few Oriental eggplants, please.

Salena, grass it is.
October, I trimmed down both willows. Left cuttings on the ground as mulch....and they are growing roots! Which willow would you like? Coral Embers or Red Curly or Green Curly?

If anybody lives nearby or comes my way, you can stop bby. I will dig up plants for you. That will be a lot easier. I enjoy it too. You'll get tons of plants that way. I kinda hate to pot things up. This time is best to transplant things anyway. I live near Irving Park & Austin & Central.

PV, I wish you were nearby too. My son's apartment in Queens has not access to the backyard. Or he could have planted something. I don't know if he is cooking as much as he used to or not. He used to plant herbs in his apartment in Chicago.

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Looking forward to seeing all of you!
Providing that weather ever going to clear up when I am not at work I might finish cleaning up my garden and dig few more plants for the swap. Otherwise we might work on digging as we go along...It has been brutal, also garden looks beautiful. Since I can't work outside I will be transplanting my tomatoes today, will have few heirlooms to share that I collected my own seeds last year.
I have had confirmation from several totally new gardeners coming so everything you have to share will be in demand.

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I am so glad and can't wait to see you all. If anybody has any primula, dahlia, variegated lemon thyme, creeping phlox any floating water plant I would like.

Linnea, I would like Alma Potschke aster, and phlox. Thanks for the daffodils I got last year they have bloomed and looked so pretty.

Happygardener23, I love eggplants. Can I have few of eggplants Nadia, Oriental Express, Beatrice, culinary sage and celery? The strawberry I got last year is doing good. Thanks.

Doris, I would love some lemon balm and Monarda

gonativegal, I would love Japanese Anenome 'September Charm' and Clove Currant if it is edible current?

I have so far
creeping geranium,
rainbow coleus seedlings, cuttings (rooting in water),
Spider plants
Shisho perilla seedlings
Star sedum
Spear mint
Mint unknown (from store)
varigated mint
I have Christmas moss and duckweed (water plant) if anybody wants.
Creeping jenny
Buttercups plant

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gonativegal, I did some research about Clove Currant it looks edible to me. Do you have male female plants otherwise it would not produce fruit right?

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pitimpinai-I will add the eggplants to your pile

Jas-I will set your requests aside for the swap. I'd love some coleus (especially colorful ones). I tried growing some from seed this year but from what I've read the season will be over before they grow big enough to look like much. The chocolate mint that I got from you last year is coming back (hooray) my girls have come to associate summer with iced mint tea fresh from the garden and they are so looking forward to it. Thank you!

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Happy, I will bring those coleus for you. Last year my coleus grew very well outside. Before frost I took cuttings and kept them indoors during winter. They survived and doing ok. Once they go out they will perk up well.

Thanks for eggplants and other veggies. I have some peppers growing indoors. They are not big enough only having true leaf. Hope I might bring some for swap.

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hello all! I'm a newbie and a lurker but this sounds like a lot of fun! and it turns out that I'm not too far away! Yay! I don't have much to trade...but that will most likely change after I get more planted out. certainly nothing as fun as what everyone else is offering.

I have some California bell peppers, a carnival mix bell peppers, cauliflower...for sure...they barely have true leaves but I can pot some up for anyone interested. I'll add to this list as I figure out what I have!

as for what I'm looking for:
any new interesting edibles, any shade loving edibles (if that's possible) perinneals that don't die back to the ground and those that do. non green evergreens , lol.

We just bought a house and I'm trying for an edible any plants that play nice with edibles ....I'm really not that anything you'd like to unload, I'll probably take!

I'm super excited and can't wait to meet you all!

-Messy Jessy

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Does anyone want any Ice Follies daffodils?

These have a large frilly cup, which opens pale yellow, and ages to ivory white. Petals are white. About 12-16 inches tall, strong stems. I just dug them, and have a lot.

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Linnea-I'd love some daffodils. I don't have any yet and the garden probably needs some :o)

Also, if anyone has any lily of the valley to share, I'd like to add some to the shade garden.


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hey happy! anybody with any LOTV has some to share! lol! Ill bring some of that for you. I tried to move all it from the front direct sun garden, but a bunch of it came back up there. no worries about that one!


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Oh, those schmooey trilliums! I've been admiring them for weeks now. Along with many other goodies from last year.

If anyone can spot me a bit of pink dicentra spectabilis, I'd love that.

I don't know for sure what I'll bring, but I know there will be ferns and smilacina. Maybe also valerian, Virginia waterleaf, sweet cicely, aster, monarda, geraniums, chocolate joe pye, variegated ribbon grass, forsythia, plume poppy, chocolate mint, campanula, impatiens 'noli tangere,' extra seedlings, etc. I also might have a baby rosa glauca and a kalopanax septemloba (someday this will be a big, thorny tree, and I'm not promising it's not an invasive). Golden creeping jenny. Scabiosa ochroleuca. Maybe filipendula 'queen of the meadow.' Sweet autumn clematis. Agastache nepetoides. And other stuff too.

And normally I wouldn't think that lily of the valley would be on anyone's wish list, but since it is, I'll dig some. I have way too much.

No one wants any stinging nettle, do they? It's not bad eating/tea-making.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

happygardener, I will bring some daffodils for you! Plus more for others who might want them. They have a beautiful form.

dirtdiver, I'd love some Monarda. Red, right? Mine all died ?! And I thought I had a great colony going. Plus, if you have enough; some sweet autumn clematis, chocolate Joe Pye, and campanula (short or tall?).

Does anyone have Verbena Bonarensis? I loved that, and it died out. Ditto my tall Veronica. :(

    Bookmark   May 19, 2011 at 1:53PM
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Linnea, I think the monarda I'm thinning might actually be pale purple. I can't quite remember. The campanula, I won't quite know what I'm digging either. It could end up be a punctata or something akin to ladybells. Either way, proceed with caution. I'll probably have plenty of sweet autumn clematis and the Joe Pye.

I know I'll also be packing some tovara 'painter's palette' or whatever they call it these days.

And maybe some more polite plants too.

    Bookmark   May 19, 2011 at 3:29PM
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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks for letting me know, dirtdiver. Pale purple is one of the colors I have too much of: I only want red in Monarda.

And, I think I'd better stick with well behaved plants. My garden is getting too big for me to chase after runaway plants: or maybe I'm getting slower?!

    Bookmark   May 19, 2011 at 10:53PM
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dirtdiver, can I have pale purple Monarda?

    Bookmark   May 20, 2011 at 12:30PM
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dirtdiver- I would love some of the variegated ribbon grass and if any of the campanula happens to be white, they would be delightful too. As for the LOTV....I figure that if I can get it to overpower the garlic mustard that is trying to take over the patch of yard between my bushes and the neighbor's fence it's the better option by far.

    Bookmark   May 20, 2011 at 4:17PM
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pachysandra is good for blocking stuff out too

    Bookmark   May 20, 2011 at 5:28PM
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motria(z6 Chicago)

Yay, me too! :-)

Well folks, I'll be back with a slew of 2nd-year Baptisia australis (blue false indigo) seedlings. Also a couple chunks of perennial sunflower (helianthus microcephalus) and some monarda 'Cambridge scarlet' orginally from Mone and 'Raspberry wine'.

Wish list: Dirtdiver, I'd love a piece of Scabiosa ochroleuca.

Anyone have some Solomon's Seal, cimicifuga (snakeroot), or any other awesome shade plants?

See everyone soon!

    Bookmark   May 20, 2011 at 10:46PM
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doris-sign me up. If it beats weeds, I'm in!

motria-is the Baptisia australis a really tall variety (some are shorter and some seem to get huge)? I am in love with this plant that they have at my daughters' school but theirs is huge and would be too giant for my flower bed or I would have already pinched seeds. If yours is a more compact variety, I would love a seedling or two. They're so beautiful.

    Bookmark   May 20, 2011 at 11:03PM
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motria(z6 Chicago)

happygardener - sorry, my baptisia is the honkin' big variety. Yep, they are gorgeous.. my seedlings all got snapped up last year at the swap.

    Bookmark   May 20, 2011 at 11:20PM
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I saw someone asked for hostas. I also have some of the white-rimmed variety, if anyone would like. I am still trying to identify some of what is coming up. I think I have a lot of local prarie plants that I've never seen. I'll have to snap some pictures.

    Bookmark   May 21, 2011 at 1:59PM
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gonativegal(zone 5a)

I am making a list of things to bring folks who requested.

Happy Gardener I will take a couple of the Carmen Sweet Peppers and a couple of the 'Oriental' Eggplant as well and a 'Nadia' Eggplant too.

    Bookmark   May 21, 2011 at 5:58PM
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Motria, I'll definitely grab you up a scabiosa o., and I'd love a bit of baptisia. If you like solomon's seal, maybe you'd like some false solomon's seal? aka smilacina? I just dug up a fair bit and unless it wilts too badly, I'll be bringing it.

Happy gardener--I have to go to my community plot and make sure I have the ribbon grass, but if I do, it's yours. My campanula is not white, alas.

Jas, monarda for you.


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rolrod-I asked for the white-rimmed hostas. I'm envisioning a new green/white shade garden. I already have your strawberries packed up for you.

Gonativegal-I realized that they had apple sweet peppers too, which are also an elongated sweet. Would you like me to throw in one of those too?

    Bookmark   May 22, 2011 at 10:11AM
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Linnea, I would love some daffodils if avail. This year was year of some losses for me but that is life. My Prairie smokes are all gone, those that were mine and from Mones and you won't see my candelabra primulas, they all gone too. I have decided not to water my garden last year and let plants establish themselves and that path apperently was not wet enough...
Mone, I also almost lost all of lamiums and so did Esther. If you have cutting to spare I appreciate it!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Ellen, I'll dig up some Lamium for you. It's funny..not hahaha..when you mentioned losing Lamium. I don't seem to see a lot of them this spring either. I was sick again last summer, so my garden went to pot. Everything is overgrown and stuffed...really stuffed.
I lost one of the ...what's chamacallit? That beautiful green heuchera like plant ...something grandiflora?
And the garage builders killed my Oak Leaf Hydrangea.

I splurged last year and bought Hosta 'Sagae', 'Blue Angel' & Regal Splendor'. They are looking good right now.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2011 at 10:50PM
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That beautiful green heuchera like plant ...tellima? I love that one!

    Bookmark   May 23, 2011 at 12:31AM
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I lost, of all things, a bunch of dianthus over the winter. The big snow, maybe.

I've potted up a few rosa glauca seedlings. They're tiny, but give 'em a couple of years. Some are bigger than others, so if anyone wants dibs, I'll save the biggest (which are 6" tall as opposed to 2" tall).

    Bookmark   May 23, 2011 at 8:23AM
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linnea56(z5 IL)

I was out of town for 4 days, now I need to catch up on this thread.

Motria, may I have some of the baptisia australis, if they are not all spoken for already, and some red monarda? That Raspberry Wine sounds good, too. All my monarda died out this year: I was so surprised.

Dirtdiver, can I have a rosa glauca seedling? I'm looking for something that will get big to place along a fence. I'm patient!

Ellen, I will bring the Ice Follies daffodils. I have lots, too. Sorry to hear about your lovely primulas being gone. Mine did not come back this year either: I thought maybe my garden was too wet?!

    Bookmark   May 25, 2011 at 4:20PM
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motria(z6 Chicago)

Okay, baptisia for dirtdiver and linnea (plus monarda). Note that baptisia are slow growing and dont' like to be moved (taproot situation) so pick a good spot, give it some room, and be patient! They are beautiful and long-lived.

Dirtdiver - I'll take a pass on the smilacina. I guess I really want the variegated solomon's seal.. should just get it from a catalogue or store *gasp!*. Thanks for the offer!

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

HP I would love to get an apple pepper.

I have a dilemma as I only have one Jack potted and two people who want it. I actually dug up one from my own two plants since I have yet to get out to said client to dig them.

I am going to the client that has all the Jacks next week. He always lets me have whatever I want of them. I know Mone lives close to me in Chicago. Happy Gardener do you live close as well. Otherwise, I will give the Jack to you and drop off one with Mone at her house in the next week or two - she lives right over by a dear friend of mine which I visit a couple times a month. Mone I will dig the biggest one I can at Mike's house to compensate for the wait.

Jas - the Anenome 'September Charm' is potted up and ready to go. I also potted up one small Clover Currant. You will need to let it settle into the pot for the next several weeks as roots were compromised. Mine never produces fruit and I have had it for years. The flowers are very showy which leads me to believe it is probably a male. I need to somehow get a hold of a female myself.

Chitownlady - Prairie Smoke is ready to go too.

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weather being so beastly we are still pumping water out of our yards and it still might be on wet side by tomorrow so dress and wear shoes you need. I have few jacks seedlings which I could dig and pot to add to gonativegal. Actually I might be potting as swap goes along as things are bit behind with everything...
Can't wait to see everyone though, wet or no wet! So far promise of no rain, hopefully it will hold.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Oh, man, my yard is flooded. My 5 rain barrels were overflowed probably since alst night.

I potted up some seedlings yesterday. I still need to get Annabelle potted. Maybe tonight. WIll have to check WIllow if the cuttigns have any roots. I am way behind too. Bummer..

Does anyone have Mayapple? I would love a couple to add to my single shoot.

gonenative....I am going away 6/9 and won't be back until 7/1. :-) Up up and away to Ireland. lol.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I have a nice Penstemon, light pink. It is a sport of Husker's Red, foliage is just plain green. It showed up a few years ago and I didn't pull it out, wanting to see if it was worth saving. I like it just as much as Husker's Red, if not more. To me the light pink flowers look better against the green leaves. Good bloomer. Before I put it out on the table for grabs, anyone want it?

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 12:41PM
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Linnea, I would like Penstemon light pink. Thanks

Motria, can I have a Monarda 'Raspberry wine'?

Gonativegal, Thank you so much for anemone and clover current.

Dirdiver thank you so much for Monarda pale purple

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 7:26PM
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gonativegal My friend who's coming to the swap with me has our extra pepper plants now. I'll send her an email and ask her to grab an apple pepper and hope that she didn't plant them all yet ;o) I'm out in the western suburbs so not close really, but I'm fine with lindalana's jack seedlings if they're available so that you don't need to make any future plant delivery trips near or not. I'm patient with them growing big in the future. Either way, I'm fine.

pitimpinai I have a big patch of mayapple in the forest preserve right behind my house but I don't think that I'm supposed to dig them up. Beautiful trillium back there too (sigh) I just try to poke around back there and satisfy myself with photos of them. Mayapple were in bloom when I checked over the weekend.

Very excited for tomorrow. Hoping for dry and not cold!

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 9:09PM
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Gonativegal-Have the apple pepper. Will bring it with the other goodies.

    Bookmark   May 26, 2011 at 9:44PM
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Oh boy. I sure hope I get to come. Hope it's slow at work and can have the night off. I don't have much dug up but I'll bring something! Have fun everyone if I don't make it!

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 4:55AM
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I'm not going to make it. Hubby just informed me that he has a work thing this afternoon. =o(

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 7:24AM
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chitownladyd(Z5 Chicago)

Well wonderful gardeners, sorry I thought I could sneak away today and be part of the fun. Too many people took off at work today that I wasn't aware of, so I will have to wait 'till the next time.

Enjoy all your goodies, try to stay warm.

La Donna

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 9:45AM
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So sorry to those who cannot join. I hope that you can come next year. It's so worth the effort to be there (IMO).

jas_il, if you see this can you clarify for me if you want a few eggplants TOTAL (aka 1 each of nadia, oriental, and beatrice) or if you want a few of each type for 9 total plants?

Karen-Haven't heard you on the thread but I know that we spoke over at tomatoes. Can you confirm if you'll be there today so I know if I should set your tomato in the reserved area?


    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 12:38PM
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Nevermind Karen-I just saw your email from yesterday. Sorry that you won't be there.

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 12:40PM
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I have few peppers and tomato plants. I thought to ask here before I put them for everybody to grab.

1. Cascabella hot pepper + Thai red hot (3)
2. Mini purple hot + black pearl pepper (1)
3. Sweet Corno Rosa (1)
4. Calico pepper (1)
5. Tomato Purple delight or purple dog creek (not sure which one since they mixed up (4)
6. Tomato oxheart pink (2)

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 12:43PM
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Hey jas_il, did you happen to see my question above about your eggplants?

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 2:13PM
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Happy, Sorry I really missed your post. If you have 9 I would be glad to take them all but if you don't have then one each would be fine.

I love eggplants so I can use them and may be give 2-3 to one of my friends who really looking for it


    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 2:26PM
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motria(z6 Chicago)

Jas-IL: monarda 'raspberry wine' is ready for you.

Everyone else: I still have several Baptisia (blue false indigo) seedlings. I can save you one or just look for me.. I'll be there early, wearing a cute baby and chasing another 3-year-old. :-)

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 2:29PM
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jas_il: I'll see what I have left and send them all your way.

motria...since you still have some left, I'd love a Baptisia seedling. I found a spot for it in the back yard flower beds (where there's a will there's a way).

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 2:53PM
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Happy - hostas are dug up. I got most of a very large plant, and then another more medium sized one. It's a heavy box. =)

I'm not bringing this with, but I have a Potentilla that needs some lovin. If anyone is interested, you are more than welcome to come to my place and pluck it out...assuming you can do that with a potentilla. I'd post a picture, but I don't know how.

I'm not sure my cannas are going to make it, or I'd bring some of those. My landlady put them out too soon and I'm worried they may have died.

I have a huge yard, so I will take any suggestions. I'll have pictures on my phone if anyone is interested.

    Bookmark   May 27, 2011 at 3:22PM
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Thanks to our excellent hosts for another great swap, and it was nice to see and meet people. Jas--somehow I never noticed your arrival, and since I neglected to put your name on your monarda, it was still on the "hold" shelf long after you left. If you ever find yourself in Evanston, I'll be happy to custom-dig a chunk.

    Bookmark   May 28, 2011 at 8:10AM
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Another heartfelt thank you to our hosts and to the generous swappers who brought such lovely things to share. I am delighted with the new garden additions that I brought home and will now patiently await a dry day to get them in the ground. I introduced my brother and a friend to the swap and they were equally thrilled with the opportunity to share their extras and bring home new treasures, so I pass along thanks on their behalf as well.

    Bookmark   May 28, 2011 at 9:44PM
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All those plants that were given me by my gardening friends over the years never fail to deliver sunshine to my life and to my garden. Plants meant to have a history coming with them and generous hands and hearts that raised them.
Thank you everyone for bringing joy and light to other peoples gardens.
Thank you for bringing your friends and spreading word around.... I hope one or two new gardeners will get a solid start on their new addiction with our help.
Happy gardening challenges and if anyone has suggestions how to make it work better for next years to come, shoot me an email.
Ann, Annette and Mone - there are no words.... thank you!

    Bookmark   May 29, 2011 at 1:13PM
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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks to Ellen and Esther for hosting and organizing the swap, and sharing your plants and your gardens so freely. It's a major undertaking, so I appreciate it!

Thanks to Motria for Baptisia and Monarda, Dirtdiver for rosa glauca and anemone; Mone and gonativegal, for a bunch of good stuff. For some of you I know your GW name, others your real name, and I don't always match them up, so please pardon me if I've overlooked you. Thanks also to all those whose names I don't know, who shared their bounty with me.

My garden thanks you! Now I await a sunny day.....

    Bookmark   May 29, 2011 at 3:05PM
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Thank you Ellen and Esther for hosting yet another nice swap.

dirtdiver, thank you so much for the kind offer. I almost grabbed the monarda you brought but since my name was not on it so I thought it might be for somebody else so I left it there. Anyway yesterday I have picked up the Monarda you brought for me from Ellen's place. Thanks

Gonativegal, somehow I missed your plants. I am really sorry for that. I thought to email you but your email link was not on GW. Thank you so much for taking time and bringing it for me. I really apologize.

Happygardener, Thank you so much for the lots of egg plants, celery, and for sage. Yesterday I could plant them in my raised bed. can't wait to see them grow.

Motria, thank you so much for the Monarda raspberry wine

Doris, nice to meet you and thank you so much for lemon balm and Monarda. Every time I see you, you look different not sure next time when I see you if I recognize. :)

Linnea, thank you so much for penstemon, phlox and aster can't wait to grow them.


    Bookmark   June 1, 2011 at 12:10PM
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I ran over to the mall after the swap on Friday and loaded up on the discarded tulip bulbs. Planted about half of them. The other half are in the garage and some got a little icky from sitting in the plastic bag. :(

Jasmine, I looked even more different all dirty from the tulip bulbs. :)

Its fun to see the plants grow and remember who they came from. You don't always know, tho. Ive got some great Iris blooming, I know they came from the swap, but don't know whose they were. Ill have to post a pic!

    Bookmark   June 1, 2011 at 1:17PM
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By the way...
Someone walked in with the most gorgeous aquilegias--they were big plants, in flower with what looked like creamsicle-orange blooms. I didn't manage to snag one, but can anyone tell me if they were a specific cultivar? I sure wouldn't mind having a few seeds for those.

    Bookmark   June 1, 2011 at 10:32PM
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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thank you so very much, Ellen, and everyone. Another fun day. It was so good to see all of you.

Thank you happy and Ellen & all... for the goodies.
They were planted on Sat except a few tomatoes for my next door neighbor.

happy, those veggies are the healthiest looking ones I have ever seen. They are happily growing in my new vegetable garden. :-)
And Ellen, I planted 25 tomatoes in my new cedar bed. lol. If all of them grow, out!
I am planning to share them with my neighbor's family.
This lovely neighbor built my new fence and the cedar box surrounding the veg bed....and didn't charge me a cent.....

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gonativegal(zone 5a)

Ellen & Esther thank you so much for hosting the swap. I had great meeting up with everyone again (Doris, Linnea, Annette, Mone, Carey) plus meeting new folks.

I finally just got all my goodies planted and passed along the ones I picked up for other folks. I've always spent yesterday admiring all my past goodies from folks during the last two swaps.

Also, Mone I finally got over to that place and dug you a huge Jack about two feet tall. I will try and get it to you before the 9th otherwise I will drop off after you get back from vacation.

Jas - I was sorry we somehow missed but I sent you a note to say that I still have the currant and anenome for you. Same goes for Chitown Lady regarding Prairie Smoke. Just sent me a note at in the week or so and I will hold them for you. Maybe we can meetup or if you are close by I drop off.

    Bookmark   June 5, 2011 at 4:13PM
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Ellen & Esther - thank you so much for your hospitality. I had a great time at my second Swap and I enjoyed chatting with the gals.

Apparently I had a lot of yardwork to do just to prepare the beds, but I finally go all the goodies in. Some did not make it, unfortunately, but most did.

Lesson learned - tackled the garden before you get plants. I have a forest of what I think are lesser burdocks or burweeds under my pine trees that I need to destroy. I'll scour the Gardenweb for some info on that.

Thanks Again all!

    Bookmark   June 8, 2011 at 2:31PM
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