NO Sprouts Yet?

jaggudada(5A)April 21, 2013

Hi -

I winter sowed tomatoes, egg plants, hot peppers etc around April 3rd. While it may be little too early for egg plants and peppers but I would think tomatoes should have sprouted by now? I was out of the country for last 2 weeks hence don't know know how the weather had been but it seems cool for right now.

You know the anxiety of not seeing sprouts. It's too late to start indoors now. Hopefully they will sprout. This is my 2nd year of WS and hence you can imagine the apprehension!

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I have none as well. And mine are all much more cold hardy than your tomatoes. I'm growing mostly native annuals and perennials for my butterfly garden which should be very cold tolerant. Not a single sprout yet. It's just been too cold. The established plants in the garden are also way behind their normal schedule to return. There is hardly anything poking up yet. We just need to be patient. The plants know what they need weather-wise, and it will get here eventually.


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terrene(5b MA)

Hi Jaggu, I ws'd some tomatoes and Baby Bell peppers around the 8th of April, and none of those have sprouted yet. They are along the south side of the foundation of the house, where it's warm and protected from frost, and there are several other annuals sprouting there already. So don't worry too much.

My Cherokee Purple tomatoes for the Wsing experiment HAVE sprouted, and those were sowed way back at the start of the experiment and were out in a colder spot with the perennials and trees and shrubs! Go figure.

I am feeling some of the same anxiety over the trees and shrubs though. Not a single sprout in any of those yet. ??

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I have recently been experimenting with "forcing" my WS jugs. The logic is like this:

some years (like last year) mother nature provides a brief warm spell during which seeds break dormancy and then we get weeks of chilly weather including a number of hard frosts. This year however, we've just been lurking in the "chilly" zone without the dormancy breaking hot spell.

Last year my tomatoes were already several inches tall by now and cozy in the jugs most survived the night chill and even frosts.

So I took half my tomato jugs inside, only putting them out if it would be sunny and over 55 outside, then back inside overnight for more time in the 70 degree house.

I have four different tom varieties that are getting indoor treatment and four diff varieties that are getting outdoor. Before I started my little experiment chocolate cherry toms were the only ones that had sprouted outdoors.

So far 3/4 of the varieties with inside treatment have sprouts after only 2 days of inside treatment. None of the outside ones have sprouts.

I suppose the danger is that they keel over in a frost, though last year many of my toms survived night killing frosts if they were inside their jugs. This year the chocolate cherries do seem to have been damaged by last nights freeze even though they were snug in their jugs. So perhaps there is some risk, but I dont see how the risk is any greater than what mother nature dishes you when she serves up a warm sunny weekend in the middle of April...which we normally would have had by now.

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