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tgtcat6September 10, 2013

So I've been trying to identify this tree for a few days now; it was growing in one of my flower beds and I originally thought it was going to be a black walnut, but that's obviously not the case.

Any help would be appreciated; I think I've determined it's not listed on any of the invasive species lists that I've found online, so that's a start. I have a hunch it's just a "weed tree" but I'd like to know what it is before removing it.

Thanks for any help.

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Where are you located (approximately)? Obviously you recognize that you are dealing with a compound leaf. Hickory is an option. If you pull off a leaf/leaflet, is there a strong odor?

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I'm in northwest ohio. What was interesting to me was that some of the "branches" have leaves directly across from each other while others are offset. There is zero smell if I pull a leaf; I even tore the leaf in half after that and crushed it. For what it's worth, the leaves are fuzzy.

Do you think the leaves are compound? I was thinking those were branches, giving me a simple-type leaf

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Not a hickory - butternut - J.cinerea; or, could be Japanese walnut, J.ailantifolia, its budsport the heartnut. J.ailantifolia var. cordiformis - or a hybrid of butternut with one of the J.ailantifolias.

DNA fingerprinting has revealed that a number of 'butternut' cultivars which are exhibiting resistance to butternut canker are actually hybrids.

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Lucky, do these hybrids make Butternut nuts. In other words, would somebody like me be able to tell the nuts apart? (The average farm boy-type.) The reason I ask is because i would plant the hybrid. If I can get the nut without the threat of the canker, the purist in me goes out the window.

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Yes that is a compound leaf. Come fall, that whole thing will separate and fall off, proving to all that it was a leaf after all. :)

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I agree with Lucky butternut, heartnut, or hybrid of the two.

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Thanks for the responses. So this is something I should let continue to grow instead of removing?

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Is there enough room around it to reach mature size? This gets to be a good sized tree.

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Yep, plenty of room. Wikipedia tells me it'll normally get 60-90 feet, which is no issue.

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