neighbors weeds choke my ws seedlings?

beachgrub(4 northern michigan)April 30, 2012

My neighbor's "lillies" have crept into my property by about 8 inches at ground level but will drape about a foot and a half once they're full grown. I was planning on lining that property line with delphiniums and bachelor buttons but am afraid due to their small size that they'll get choked out. I've mentioned to my neighbor that i'll be planting on my line and she gets visibly irritated and says she won't be able to see her lillies (theres a short wall on the other side.

i know i could yank the lillies on my property but she'll freak out, cry, and give me the silent treatment. I'm trying to keep the peace as best i can. Can i plant these seedlings IN the lillies??

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Could you ask her to move the lilies back on to her own property, and explain that you would like to use your side of the line to plant some of your favorite flowers? You could also construct "rodent protection" around your seedlings in the form of small cylinders of rabbit fencing that would keep rabbits out and keep her lilies from encroaching further onto your side. If she complains about the fencing, just tell her you want to keep the plants safe from rodents until they get established--for the first season, at least.

Just some thoughts. Good luck.


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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Great idea! Thank you, i will get some collars. She's gonna see me out there with a small shovel and come running. Grrrrrrrr

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ramazz(8a VA)

It's your property, so in my opinion, the ones that have crossed the line are your lilies. I would ask her if she wants them back and then dig them up and give them to her. I actually am on the opposite side of that problem, as my wintersown perennials have spread across to the neighbor's property (it is a strip between my driveway and theirs). I asked her if she wanted me to move them but she didn't seem to care, and has even mulched around them. But, if she did care, I would dig them up ASAP. Or, in reality, since they are on her property, give her the choice of my moving them or her taking ownership.

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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Funny you should say that because last spring i did just that, i asked her if she wanted me to move some (many!) of them for her to a bare area she had. She said i could move a couple so i went ahead a moved about 30! What bothers me the most is that they look like they're part of my lawn and they're orange, stringy and uuuuugly. I have a small yard and need every inch of it. She's a bit of a control freak and in the spirit of humility i bite my tongue the best i can. I desperately need a fence!! These seedlings are going in whether she likes it or not so i suppose i'll slowly remove lillies here and there until it's a solid line of my flowers.
I'll start by surrounding mine with plastic collars until they're large enough to hold their own.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

If I tried to be nice, as you have, and she was uncooperative, I'd chop off the flowers, stick them in a vase, and enjoy them in my house. And I'd dig up the roots, put them in a bag, and ask her "do you want these back, or should I toss them into my compost?"


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ramazz(8a VA)

It sounds like you need a barrier to stop them from spreading. I'm talking about something underground, like a metal strip along the property line. I am not sure what these 'lilies' actually are, but it sounds like the roots or bulbs are the real problem. She can be as much of a control freak as she wants when it comes to her own property, but she has no control over your yard, and she needs to understand that. I agree with Karen - you've tried being nice, now you need to be firm.

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You pay property taxes, the area is yours. I would pot them up and put them on her door step. I am learning thru my own garden that lilies can be evasive. I gave my Sis n' Law, a lot.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Im assuming you are talking about hemerocallis fulva and not a hybrida, typically true "lillies" just dont spread that far (the oriental variety). In such the species versions have recieved many common names, but ditch lillies are always one.

The yellow or orange species varieties of hemercallis will overtake a large area overtime, over a course of 50 years that small patch someone may plant can grow 40-50 feet wide.

I dont want to discourage people from growing them, but if this is what you are talking about, then you need to talk to your neighbor about them, ask if they can move them, or plant a barrier inbetween..

Best thing to do is get some something that goes down 2-3 feet at least and barrier the entire garden area.

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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Silverkelt- yes, that's what it is, i googled a pic. Thanks for identifying it for me. I tried discussing it with her yesterday and i got the 'arms crossed, eyebrows raised' look from her and no response. I hate confrontations! Eek. So i decided when this rain quits i'm going to yank out the ones on my property and be done with it already. I'll plant my seedlings in their place. :) thanks for the encouragement you guys!

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

You can use roof flashing as a barrier, its fairly inexpensive option. You may need some tin snips and remember to wear gloves, but you can get it in diffrent widths, dig a long trench, insert it right to half inch of the ground level.

All my beds are converted woodland areas, I have to chop through roots, I bought a 5 lb mattock to do the chop, it takes alot of force, but it works. If you dont have that issue I would still dig down fairly deep, at least 2 feet.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Beachgrub, I wonder if she doesn't have a sentimental attachment to her lily (as - it came from a start from her great grandmothers farm :)), if she would be open to replacing with something clumping rather than running. It shouldn't be hard to find a well-behaved typical daylily in same height, color.

Maybe print this or something from one of the similar invasive websites and the next time she stands with folded arms and a steely gaze directed at you, hand it to her with an encouraging smile.

I don't think your collars would protect your perennials until they are established, or later, they would have to be something equally as aggressive to stand up to being overrun by the ditch lily.

I hope you can accomplish what you want without too much conflict, always best to be on good terms with the neighbors if possible but at the same time you don't want to let her take advantage of you either...

Here is a link that might be useful: Invasiveness of ditch lily

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The absolute gall!

You can dig up her plants on your property and put them in a bucket on her side of the line so she can transplant them elsewhere. Then get a fence ASAP! Good gosh, I would never in a million years let a neighbor dominate me about land issues, that's what deeds are for. She wants to have her lilies on your property removing your use of that property. Is she paying the taxes on that land? No. Is she doing the upkeep or maintenance on that land? No. Is she legally responsible for any injury that occurs on that land? NO! This is your property. Dig up her lilies and give them to her. Remind your neighbor that you will be planting what you want on your land and if she wants to remain good neighbors she should keep her mouth shut and her invasives on her side of the property line. And did I mention to get a fence ASAP?

If you are going to let this woman trample you over ditch lilies then what will she do when it's a really bad situation. Do NOT let this woman take control of your garden and with it your life. She's into control and she's already controlling you.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

I cant talk more about what a hybrid daylily offers.. its nearly maintenence free, comes in 1000's of shapes and colors, every few years, its just blows my mind what comes out, every few generations of hybrids just has bolder, clearer color.

but they are hundreds of generations removed from the species varieties, they do not spread more then a clump.

Its too bad that she isnt willing to talk about gardening.. there is problably much you could share and maybe lead her down some paths of knowledge at the same time.


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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Oh i sooo wish she'd let me plant something else! I have TONS of real lilies (some that look like your pics even) that i'd gladly give to her AND plant for her!! This is just a case of her being stubborn so working anything out is out of the question. I simply need a safe spot for my seedlings. Every invasive lily of hers that creeps over the line is getting pulled and tossed in the garbage.
Oh and her lilies hold no sentimental value, they were there when she moved in 8 years ago. There's no good reason for her ridiculous behavior in my opinion.

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Thank goodness for fences...I wish my neighbor had lilies coming on my side of the fence, instead all we get from his property are WEEDS!! He has weeds instead of grass. UGH very frustrating. I hope things work out for you beach grub.

Silverkelt, those are some gorgeous lilies. Can you please provide the names of them?


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ramazz(8a VA)

You might find this old GW post interesting, before you throw the errant lilies into the trash or compost:

Here is a link that might be useful: Edible flowers

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