What hasn't sprouted yet (list)...

whiteoakian(6)April 21, 2010

As of 4/20 I'm happy with the results so far. What hasn't sprouted yet...

Chocolate Drop Pestemon, Columbines, Zebra grass, Lil Joe Pye Weed, jupiters Beard and Queen of the Prarie. Will wait longer. You never know, I guess.

What's not sprouted yet for you?


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I was looking at that this morning...

Eryngium Miss Wilmott's Ghost and Blue Star
Yellow Aster NOID
Stokes Aster
Climbing Aster

Just sprouted:
Caryopteris Blue Butterflies
Campanula Takion Blue
White Beautyberry

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Hard to answer this one since I'm still sowing this week and next, all those annuals are getting out now.


from seeds sown of Feb 4, 2010. I'm waiting for

2 containers of pink hibiscus, but the other 2 germinated

2 containers of pink cleome, but the other 4 germinated.

That makes 94% germination on those containers.

65% germination from the seeds sown on 4/5/10

only a couple from seeds sown on 4/12/10

and of course nothing from the seeds sown today, 4/21/10.

Everything is about on schedule for germination for me, maybe a week early on some things, and still expect to have at least 95% or better germination this year, same as the prior 6 years.


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Miss Wilmont Sweet Pea isn't doing a thing.

It's dreadful, since others are bursting out of their jugs.

We have had another cold spell --it's around 40 now and that can't be helping matters.

I started another round of jugs, need to start planting those big ones out.

Lady's Mantle is another failure it looks like.

Guess I won't cry 'uncle' until 'the fat lady sings'.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I've got quite a few things (unfortunately) but what worries me the most is my chinese asters. Hardly any have sprouted. I'm concerned because after my first, successful year with these, my germination has gone downhill each of the three years since. Last year was awful. Hardly any germinated, but I keep telling myself last year was a bad year for everything (except ark sellers, lol). I really, REALLY want these flowers! I hope they sprout soon!


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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

I threw out Joe Pye Weed a couple of weeks ago. (ungerminated)
Day Lily stella d'oro I only had one for a long time, now have 2 seedlings.
I'm waiting on my annuals planted April 7, such as salvia, marigold.
These usually germinate in a couple of weeks, maybe it is the cold spring.

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erika_ct(6b - CT)

For me its:

Siberian Iris
Tiger Lily (big seeds or teeny bulbs?)
Nasturtium (this surprised me)
Sweet Cicely
Petunia Salmon Velvet (and after what I paid for those!)
Peppers - but its still not warm enough to worry.
Some tomatoes that got sown late

All in all, I can't complain. This has been an amazing experience. My garden beds are already filling up and I still have so many seedlings that need to get their true leaves before I can transplant.

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For me

recently sown tomatoes
Butterfly Weed
petunia (these hate me)
only 2 sprouts in one Chocolate Joe Pye


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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Have some sprouts of everything but:

Scotch broom (really wanted this one -- I know it's an evasive pest in the Pacific Northwest, but not here)


Candy Lily

And agastache -- I planted this twice, too, and still nothing

And a weed is growing in my phlox container (I know cause I found the same one in two other containers and it's different from the other seedlings)so I guess I have no phlox either.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

I only did about 20 jugs this year. Sowed some annuals 2 or 3 weeks ago, not sprouting.

Tomatoes- 8 of 12 germinated, sprouts not growing at all.
zinnias- 1 sprout in each of 2 jugs, but seeds were old
marigolds- zilch
Yvonne's salvia- zilch

Days have been warm enough but maybe nights are still too cold. When I sow them in April, my annuals usually sprout in a few days.


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Sprout failure so far with these:
Himalayan blue poppy
Hardy hibiscus
Siberian iris
Coral bells

I was really surprised to find lady's mantle sprouted since I only planted what looked like chaff. They're sending out their second leaves so it's really lady's mantle and not a weed. Other surprises: lilac, dogwood, ornamental grass, cushion spurge, hosta & astilbe.
Connie - I've got multiple jugs of stokesia sprouted but there are a couple that haven't shown any signs of life. I'm wondering if I gathered the seeds too early.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Sedeum Aj.( What the HECK!@_(@$( ?)

Morning glorys
About 40 jugs of these types and NOT a sprout..
( I am hoping its just not warm enough for them)
And landscape grasses sea oats fountain grass Moundry grass

Not giving up yet...but...

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dereks(6 Utah)

I sowed only seven different seeds. Two have not sprouted.
Silene Laciniata 'Jack Flash'
Ruellia humilis (Wild Petunia)

Butterfly weed is sprouting very sporatically. A few seedlings are ready to plant out while other seeds are just barely pushing through the soil.

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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

Morning Glory
Dames Rocket
Heliopsis Golden Double
Some Lupines
Asters (darn it, I want some asters!)

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stlgirl(6a MO)

Bleeding Hearts - (though when I looked up their germination I saw they can be slow)

Nepal Cinquefoil
Alyssum, Basket of Gold
Bells of Ireland
Blue Grape Hyacinth
Lambs-tails 'Joey'
Painted Daisy

plus a few others I can't remember right now


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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

I saw that someone had not had agastache sprout. That was one of the first for me. And it was one of the ones that germinated very well.

I also have not had sprouts from Yvonne's salvia. I think I hope it is cuz of a relatively cold spring. I really want this one.
Marigolds I have only one from Park marigolds (out of 20 sown). A little better with seeds I gathered.

Hooray yesterday got one zinnia sprout.
Sown only 6 days ago - that was a surprise.

One thing from Park did well - celosia. I have a whole container of these.

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

In my zone my self seeded morning glories aren't up yet so I think it's just a bit early. I'm waiting to plant nasturtiums too. No hosta's yet, and tons of other's I'll wait a bit longer on. We're still getting some cold nights here in Ohio.

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I planted A LOT more than I was initally planning, most of it has sprouted, and most is planted out. So far the stragglers I have my fingers crossed for are:
-Antique rose from my sister's garden
-Globe allium
-Big daddy hosta
-Celodine Poppy (sp?)

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Ellen, my agastache sprouted early (one of the first) then one day I looked and there were no sprouts, not a sign. And this was before the warm weather hit, so they didn't fry. Sowed more seeds and this time no sprouts at all. And the picture on the seed pack was so pretty it made me really want this one.

My celosia's doing great -- 17 sprouts and they're from a container that dried out constantly. I thought for sure nothing would come up, but they eventually did.

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stlgirl(6a MO)


I have seeds of Agastache foeniculum if you are needing any. Just send me an email.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Far too much. I'd say a good 95% of my WS did not germinate! We had a very cold winter, it was great. This is my worst year yet. Those that I am transplanting are struggling, perhaps from wonky weather. 85 during the day 40 at night. It's a huge temp swing.

I am convinced some of the organic soils have had corn gluten meal added to them so they don't sprout weed seeds. I wish someone would sell some pro-mix here I can't find it anywhere!

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Here is my list of what hasnt sprouted yet as of today. I will prob give them another month, maybe. But out of about 230 containers, this aint too bad. I also posted more details on my blog if anyone was interested.
Anchusa Dropmore Blue
Aster purple
Aster purple ribbon
Aster Schone Von Dietlikon
Blue Thimble Flower
Caryopteris summer Sorbet
Chrysanthemum Clara Curtis
Coneflower orange
Cosmos- all
Echium Blue Bedder
Florence Fennel
Gaillardia Burgundy
Gaillardia Red Plume
Gaillardia Summer's Kiss
Golden Chain Tree
Hakoni Double blue balloon flower (really wanted too)
Helenium yellow
Heliotrope Marine
Hollyhock figleaf yellow and peach
Joe Pye Weed regular and chocolate
Marigold Citrus
Silene orientalis

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

This is my worse year too and I've been WS'ing for several years.
I have 10 containers with nothing.
(I sow a small number compared to some, so this is out of a total of 60 containers.)
Some of the 10-with-nothing were sowed 4/29, so I wouldn't expect anything.
But some were sown April 7.

I always sow in rounds, so I always have *something* sprouting except this year.

I'm using the same soil I usually use, which I get from a garden shop, it is the same as he uses to do his seeding, and I think it is good.

I always say I won't WS again, too much work for not enough results, but come winter - I know I will cuz I really like getting my hands in the dirt in Feb.!

I'm just going to pick things that I know will germinate well.

Marigolds for example, I only got a few - 1 or 2 -out of each container. Of course I didn't sow very heavily - that's something I'll do differently next year.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Just when I was about to write off my scotch broom I noticed two teeny tiny sprouts in the container. They look alike so I'm going to assume it's the broom and not a weed. Also, there are a few agastache seedlings now -- again, very small.

I'm beginning to think each jug is its own micro climate, separate even from the jug next to it.


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The only thing I don't seem to have sprouting right now is Nicotiana...other than that I have little seedlings even from my older seed that I planted this year.

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

This morning I've got one Yvonne Salvia sprout. It's not standing up yet, but I can see green. see what happens. Sowed April 4.

Pink sage seeds have emerged. Sown 4/29.

And hooray two of thai poppy seeds (bought from the notorious Park seeds :) ) have emerged. sown 4/17

I am encouraged. :)

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terrene(5b MA)

Out of 43 containers of perennials and a few hardy annuals, only 4 containers haven't sprouted. Aster azureus, wild Hyacinth, Polemonium reptans.

Have 2 pretty Flowering Dogwood seedlings, but the Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus) hasn't sprouted yet.

Just sowed most of the annuals (Cosmos, Tithonia, Salvia), tomatoes, and basil today!! So of course, those haven't sprouted yet. :)

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Hang in there Terrene on that Polemonium; mine just started germinating about a week ago (after I had STOPPED look down the sprout of the jug - do you think it's one of those "a watched pot never boils" senerios?!!!)

I have about 15 containers out of over 200 that have not germinated. Some of those are "doubles" of the same plant (different variety or different seed source) and those I have pretty much given up on if the "twin" has sprouted weeks ago. A few (Like Toad Lily) were new to me this year and I thought they were goners and then "Wa-LA" sprouts appeared. I won't toss anything till Memorial day.

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I have a number of containers that I thought had sprouted but it turned out to be some sort of weed contaminating the containers. The list of "no sprouters" includes forget-me-nots, delphinium, virginia bluebells, verbena hastata "pink spires," prairie blazing star, blackberry lily, japanese anenome, swiss chard, and baptisia. There may be more, I don't have my list in front of me.

I'll keep an eye on them. Even if they don't ever sprout, I would still consider my first year wintersowing to be (mostly) a success.

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All my good seeds got ruined, so I tried some seeds from the last time I traded (2 seasons ago) and have had very minimal germination. So far I have 2 types of zinnia, candystripe cosmos, 1 type of morning glory. I planted 20 different types of seeds. I am still hopeful. I may come begging later.

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

Let me know if you want some zinnia seeds - I have purple and green-
Not sure I have a lot left, have to look, but whatever is left you are welcome to.
They sprouted quite well.
They are called 'Envy' and "Deep Purple -giant dahlia, flowered"
BTW- these zinnia seeds came from Crosman's, only 89 cents a pack, and very good.
I'd be happy to share.

missanisa - I'm surprised Swiss chard didn't germinate, cuz that germinated quickly for me. And it's a cold weather vegie, so the zone 4 weather should not be a concern.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

For the most part I've got more seedlings than I can use, esp. of hollyhock, which a month and a half ago I thought were a bust.

Still no signs of life from stokesia (which I got on seed exchange) and candy lily. Scotch broom finally came up, although they're really tiny. I reseeded red clover, but no sprouts there yet, either and it's been a couple of weeks.


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I had some cups that were showing no signs so I dumped them. Still have some jugs I am getting pretty impatient with. I may try to sow a 2nd round of the things I really wanted like Pussytoes and Helenium Mardi Gras. There are others too, but can not think of them off the top of my head. I do have to note the Blue Poppy I was getting frustrated with has a few (very few) teeny tiny sprouts.

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After a little research looks like the Pussytoes will have to wait til next year to try again as the need cold stratification. Will give me something new to look forward to.

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I'm really surprised by the swiss chard too, I started some indoors last year and had no problems. Maybe I got a bad batch of seeds? I'll probably try planting some more seeds later this week.

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Caryl - I got my first (and only so far) sprout on Stokesia yesterday. I am a zone warmer than you so maybe your sprouts are just around the corner!

These late sprouters throw us off when it seems "everything else" has sprouted their little hearts out! But really, it's still pretty early.

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

I'm tossing my Yvonne salvia, it's been a month, and that's my limit for annuals.
Also tossing Mexican sunflowers, but that's ok cuz I bought 2 plants.
Also tossing Park's thai poppies, which got 2 splindly sprouts out of the whole package.
(btw, after contacting BBB did get a refund from Park's. Not that it makes up for all the headaches.)

This time of year I got too much to do in the garden to be nursing these jugs that are doing nothing.
My motto:
"If it doesn't sprout... throw it out"

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