Not happy with the non trimming overwintering experiment.

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)April 13, 2012

So for like the last ten years, I trimmed all my perrenials after the big frosts killed most of them. This last year I finally tried the , let them be and trim in spring method, overall, I dont see where this has helped protect any of my plants, however, its helped collect more leaves and allowed more weeds to grow in the protection of the larger plants.

Im going back to fall trimming this year! Its much simpliar to start out with a cleaner garden then to go through this mess again.

Maybe if I didnt have a woodland garden, it would make a diffrence.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

I don't like having to do all that in spring, either. I've done it both ways, now I try for a compromise. I cut stuff back in fall to about 6" height. That's enough to snag some leaves for natural mulching,but not too many, mark where the plant lives (I don't know where my labels disappear to). I gets most of the heavy work out of the way in fall so that spring is a faster, easier, cleanup.


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The whole thing with gardening is finding what works for you personally. So if Fall trimming works better, that is what you should do.

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