Sowed 12 containers today!

ellenr22April 12, 2014

woo-hoo. I've been putting it off. I don't have tons of energy. But I really want flowers - so- today I lined up my materials, and got it done. I am exhausted, but happy.
I plan to do another 12 or so, on another day, and that may be it.

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You and me both, Ellen! By this time I usually have 200 or so containers sown, and I only did 5 last week. Today I doubled my container count by sowing another 6 for a grand total of 11. I figure in a few weeks when it warms up I'll be kicking myself if I have no seedlings to plant, so I'm pushing myself now. Hope to get at least 30 total done.

Good luck to you - we'll be glad we pushed ourselves this year when those flowers bloom!


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Exactly - re kicking myself.
I think the winter was so long and so cold, it took me a while to get that Spring was really here.
Then I started seeing photos here of baby sprouts, and reading about what people have sowed, and realized I gotta get a move on.

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terrene(5b MA)

Good job Ellen! You won't regret it as the season moves on.

The sowing part is not as fun for me as the sprouts and flowers parts. And I like to have a lot of annuals and biennials of particular colors, etc. and am also doing a little plant breeding, so I GOTTA SOW THEM.

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Go Ellen! Go!

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haha, thank you lady rose for that cheer.

You know, I had some health issues about a month ago. I finally decided to start WS'ing with whatever energy I had.
And I actually have been feeling better since I started sowing and gardening!

hmm...medical profession - take notice. :)

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I'm part of the medical profession, and I am only too aware of the value of gardening. Each and every part of gardening can contribute to healing, relaxation, strengthening, improving Vit D levels, minimizing falls and fractures......and on and on. For me it does wonders for my depression. Keep up the good work!


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Yes I find gardening very therapeutic.
I esp. find weeding relaxing.
so I invited a friend to the garden who just came out of a mental institution, to see if he wanted to help me weed. He didn't, which is ok.
I hope just being outside amidst the birds and growing things helped him.

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