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ellenrr(7a)April 22, 2013

I actually seeded this twice, after the 1st didn't come up, I seeded again, then they all came up! Today I separated them and I've got about 10 paper cups of seedlings to give away.

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Congratulations! What did you do differently?

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oh - I wasn't clear. :)
I originally sowed I think it was early March, and I waited and waited, and when nothing came up, I sowed again - on top of the first sowing. So what happened - the seeds were waiting for warmer weather - when they germinated both sowings came up.
So it was kinda crowded. I don't recommend it. A bit of trouble to separate them, but anyway, I've got dozens to give away.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

I'll take one. :) The one in my former herb bed doesn't look like it's coming back -- but maybe it's early yet.

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Matt Conner

I have tried the last few years to get True Lavendar to grow from seed but I have yet to be successful. I think I may be over watering the seeds? I have OCD so that could very well be. I will continue to try however

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Awesome Ellen!


My wintersown ones gave very poor germination too. The year before last I got a whole 2 seedlings! My normal go-to method for starting lavender is to use a damp coffee filter. I sow the seeds on this, fold it so it's wedged like a pie and then stick into ziplock....all indoors at this point. Check bag often for seeds that have their first root (radical) emergence and pick out with tweezers and place individually in dixie cup size containers and lightly cover with potting mix that has been mixed with extra perlite. Place under vented plastic covers. Continue to check coffee filter every day for new sprouts and repeat.
After I get mine potted they go straight outdoors to complete germination and once the cotyledons (seed leaves) have emerged they come out from under their plastic covers....unless it's raining buckets! They want to be moist at this stage, but too much asks for problems and is also the reason I use dixie cup or pudding cup like containers. y
You can put them straight into 4" nursery pots ( I have) but just have to remember to up the percentage of perlite added to the potting mix.

Good luck :)


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Hi Vera,

Do you germinate the seeds in spring and put outdoors after last frost? Aldo, how do you transfer to the garden?


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