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susan4952(5)November 2, 2013

I am trying to over winter my darling CP in the garage. I have success overwintering many roses but this one worries me. I keep thinking she has an iron deficiency and/ or water logging. We have had temps. In 40- 50 days, and 30-40 at night. My other zone 7's have tolerated being out until much later. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have never overwintered a mini.

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seil zone 6b MI

There's nothing wrong with the rose. It's simple going dormant. Every variety of rose is different and has a different schedule. CP may just be an early sleeper. The cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours are telling it that it's time to slow down. Mini roses should winter very well in the garage for you just like the big ones do. Sometimes they even do better because they're mostly own root and not grafted. If for some reason the rose dies all the way down to the soil it will still come back as Cal Poly and not a root stock variety like some of the bigger ones do when the graft has frozen and died. Just remember to water your garaged roses about once a month all winter. Dehydration can kill a rose quicker than the cold. CP is a great rose and I think you'll find it winters very well for you!

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Thank you! I was worried. It looks cold to me. Lol.

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Update. Recovered from too much water, iron imbalance.

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