Tree branches falling

lize00September 14, 2013


I was wondering if someone could help me. My home is surrounded with around 12 or so trees. Most are pecan trees that have not really given us edible pecans and the others - I'm not too sure. They are HUGE. I have included a couple of pictures of their size compared to the home.

We live outside of Houston where we have had extremely hot weather this summer and a few rainy days lately. Starting about a month ago, I was inside when I heard loud crashes after a night of storming. I went outside and saw a few large pieces of fat branches (about 5 inches in diameter) fall off two of the trees located in the front of the house. I was really scared since this is usually where my dog likes to hang out. I picked them up and noticed they were extremely light and felt soggy. Now, we've been having a few days of rain and again, and a few days ago, I noticed more branches have fallen down.

Then, two days ago, I noticed a tree branch that I had never noticed before hanging extremely low in front of our side entrance. The extremely long branches come from a tree directly behind the house. I followed it to find it was breaking off and was only being held up because it was supporting itself on the house. We just cut it down today. The middle of the branch feels really moist but please look at the pictures cause it looks weird.

Can someone please tell me what is going on? or have any ideas why this is happening all of a sudden and what I can do to stop this? I find this extremely scary thinking this can all fall on me at any moment. I imagine I will have to cut off the rotten pieces but is there any way to stop this? Does anyone know why this is happening or what is wrong with the trees? I would like to just know what I'm dealing with before calling someone to cut down the trees that give my home all the lovely shade. Not to mention that I know the cost of cutting all these trees down is going to be.. hmm expensive.

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These are the ones in front of my home that have random soggy branches falling when it rains.

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Back tree that has the branch that was falling

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This is a piece of the branch that we had to cut down. The middle feels very moist.

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Another middle of a tree branch that we took down.

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This is one of the pieces that fell down and was soggy.

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The other side of the same piece of that had fallen and felt soggy

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Cause for branch death occurred long ago.

You need a Certified Arborist for an on-site evaluation. Get one who is qualified to evaluate hazardous trees. If some/all of those went down, you could lose family and/or house.

May be too costly in your mind. But what is the cost if you or a family member or friend is maimed or dead?

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I'm sorry if this is a dumb question - but tree branches can die and still be green and full of leaves?

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Jean is right. Those limbs are rotted from within. Don't just hire a "tree guy". Make sure you have a certified arborist, and ask to see credentials. The tree is too close to the house, and even if it were healthy, I would probably want it taken down.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

After having lived in Houston for a long time...

Pecans are known to drop large limbs on cars, house, etc. That terrible drought in 2011 is probably what caused your problems.

That's why we cut all the pecan trees down close to my mom's house in Houston. Nice shade tree for sure but can cause a lot of damages which is not worth it.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

but tree branches can die and still be green and full of leaves?

==>> laymans explanation ...

the life of the tree is the cambian layer.. its the thin green line between the bark.. and the inside wood ... it is the vascular system of the tree.. moving water and nutrients.. in each direction.. as needed ...

the interior of the branch.. is basically dead lumber ... when intact.. it is the structure of the tree.. just like the 2 x 4's of your house ...

when the integrity of the bark is compromised... and the interior wood is exposed to the elements ... just like any other wood .. it starts decaying..

yes.. the branch can be rotten from within.. and still leafing out ... and the more it grows.. the more weight it is putting on the rotting parts ...

that tree next to your house.. is a IMMINENT DANGER.. crikey.. almost half of it is hanging over your house!!!

you dont need an arborist to get rid of it ... but if you want an onsite opinion.. then pay for it ...


and insure that whoever does the work.. is fully insured in case he drops it on your house... this is not a job for billybob down the road with his chainsaw ....


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I like that dog a WHOLE lot better than the punky tree. Please!

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