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Connie KruApril 21, 2012

I know that when I plant my bigger tomato plants that if I put the stem under ground that roots will grow-Are there other plants that would do the same (I really like to know if this is true for green peppers.



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Don't know the answer but that's an excellent question! Glad you asked. I'll be very interested in hearing what folks with experience have to say.

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Please disregard the post above. Thought I was on the Growing from Seed forum.

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Nope, won't disregard it! It was too good to get at least a quick peek of you gardenweed!!!!

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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Hi gardenweed! ;) Suuuure do miss your posts on this forum. Tho i am fairly new at posting i had been lurking for quite awhile. Your experience (and fantastic, inspirational photos) are greatly missed here.

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Works for hardy fuchsias planted in the ground, too. I don't know about others. Usually, too deep = dead plants. I learned that the hard way in our wet fall - spring climate where rot is likely the cause. A long time ago my dad took one look at my window boxes & figured it out. Oh, and I thought I was teaching my preschool daughter something. Fortunately, our gardening lessons improved and she's grown & married now with her own gardens. She's teaching me since she's so good at seed starting & succession planting edibles.

I plant a lot more things high, then mulch around at least a few inches away from the main stems. More things live that way here.

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