Chinese Pistache Leaves

samnsarahSeptember 3, 2013

The leaves on my Chinese Pistache tree are turning brown along the edges and then dying. This is happening at the ends of the brances, especially in the top of the canopy. Below are some photos of the leaves. From what I have learned, it is not the result of insect infestation or disease, but it has something to do with the soil, (Ie. too much water, not enough water, not enough nitrients, etc.), and may just be temporary. Has anyone else seen this happen to the leaves of a Chinese Pistache tree?

First Pic:

Second pic:

Third Pic:

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Many leaves in the southeast are looking kind of ragged after a cooler wet summer that is now followed by heat.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


they are getting ready to fall off..

who cares what they look like ...

they are diagnostic of the fact that its SEPTEMBER ...


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Those are the exact same conditions we had here in SC Kansas. It sounds like these are just temporary symptoms due to the weird climatic conditions this year. IâÂÂm just glad itâÂÂs not a fungus or something.

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I thought the same thing about the change of the seasons too until I remembered something: leaves don't start turning here in SC Kansas until October and in the case of some trees, such as Chinese Pistache the change usually doesn't occur around here until November. But at any rate, I believe the consensus is the same, that this is just a temporary thing.

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