Spring Sowing

mary_maxApril 22, 2012

Today I spring sowed a few jugs. We are 84 out and partly cloudy. So my question is do I have to tape the jugs or just close tops. They are in dappled shade now.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

whatever it takes to keep the tops on to retain some moisture. At 84, my biggest worry is them drying out.

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One of the things to remember is that you can 'fry' your seeds in hot weather so be careful of that. If you can prvide them with some aeration by making openings for the air to flow it will help. Another thing is to keep them in bright shade.

If the sun hits them directly even for a few brief minutes in dappled shade, the temperature will rise quickly. A few years ago I stuck a thermometer in a 2 liter pop bottle which had sprouts. The outside ambient temperature was 15C (60F), but inside the bottle the temperature had risen to 28C (88F). Just think - you are dealing with a little greenhouse here and you might have to open a window or two. :O)

Hope this helps.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

What could I add to advice from two experienced pros when my background doesn't include many 84F days :) Tiffy, welcome home! Too long since I've seen your name.

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