Cloud Nine

canadian_rose(zone 3a)November 17, 2013

Does anyone grow this rose? Cloud Nine on helpmeFind shows bright pink and coral pink.

I don't like coral pink. :) Can anyone show me or tell me the color of this rose? Thanks!

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Not all roses have one stable color. "The color" of this rose is evidently different at different times in different climates. This is not unusual with older roses at all - the tea roses are famous for having variable colors. I have one that is sometimes pale yellow, sometimes pale pink, and most of the time buff with a brick color on the back of the petals.

Cloud Nine is a modern hybrid tea, so one would assume that it would have ONE color, but from the pics on HMF it is a bit variable. If you really don't like the coral pink color, I would choose a different rose.


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Thank you Jackie!
That was very helpful.
I'm going to choose L'aimant instead.

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