Has anyone started sowing their annuals?

ladyrose65April 21, 2013

This is my biggest dilemma is what annuals will I decide to grow this summer. My annuals are the biggest box with the most seeds, (I imagine that would be for most) deciding which variety of cosmos, sunflowers, snapdragons and zinnias will I grow this summer?

Do many of you ponder over which annuals you will grow this summer?

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I still have around 170 packages of herbs/veggies/annuals that haven't been sown. Started a few a couple of weeks ago then it got super cold again--had several nights down to single digits, and now we're expecting snow tomorrow and Tuesday. I don't think CO is going to have a spring this year....but I think I'll sow some annuals next weekend, just in case!

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Did a bunch today. Such a late Spring this year.

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I started sweet peas and pansies in the middle of February and they're ready to be set out. I cheated on the pansies, ws'ed them but kept them indoors for a couple of days until the first seeds sprouted then took them outdoors. I planted 10 to a water bottle and they're all crowded now.

The sweet peas I did 1 to a bottle, the biggest one is near the top and others are still sprouting. I had to do a second batch because I didn't get near the germination I was hoping for. This is the first time I've ws'ed sweet peas and I really like it. This way I can space them out like I want, instead of sowing a row and only having 3 or 4 (all sitting together, of course!) come up. I hope they survive the transplanting part!

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I sowed zinnias yesterday. I'm not expecting them to sprout any time soon, but I'm leaving town for a week. When I get back, April will be just about gone along with the container count. I need to get my numbers on that board!


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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

I did all kinds of annuals early -- strawflower, marigolds, cosmos, petunias, bells of ireland, stock, laceflower, various herbs, all of which are up. The Cosmos look ready to be transplanted.

Last week I did sunflowers and on Saturday I added two jugs of zinnias. The sunflowers came up right away, now we'll see if they survived the frost we got last night. I hope the tomatoes did -- I'd flipped their lids back on, but didn't cover the whole batch like I usually do when expecting a frost. The only thing that looks stressed so far is the year-old delphinium. It's got frost on its leaves and looks wilty.

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terrene(5b MA)

Yes I've sowed most of the annuals, the week before last. I usually aim for late March - early April for annuals, but this year Spring was a bit cold and late, so it was around the 8th of April.

Some are sprouting already! My Morning Glories (Heavenly Blue and Split Personality), the big Sunflowers, Tithonia, and Basil have sprouted. I put the annuals along the foundation of the south side of the house, one of the warmest and sunniest spots (until the trees get their leaves, then it's not so sunny).

I direct sow a lot of annuals too. Did the annual poppies around the same time, and a few are sprouting. I usually direct sow those around March 21st, but there was still lots of snow and leaves on that garden! I plan to scatter a few Cleome and maybe more Coriander in the front garden, because I have lots of seed and they will sprout on their own. They do reseed but I just spread some mulch, so that will suppress much of the seed. I will also do some more direct sowing around late May when the soil warms up - the tall Zinnias and Cucumbers.

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I have sowed lavendar, zinnia, poppy, lobelia, salvia, strawflower, marigold, gaillardia.
They've all sprouted.
we had a week of really lovely spring weather.
Today it is 54 degrees, but so cold due to the cold wind, I am wearing my winter jacket.
I keep covering and uncovering my sprouts - I know at over 50 degrees they are fine, but then I am so cold!

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

I sowed love-lies-bleeding yesterday. It's going to be my only annual this year.


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Looks like you all are ready to go! I'm going to try this weekend so I can get my final count in.

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

It's still very cold here, below freezing temperatures in the mornings still. Even had a snow storm on Saturday. I have only sowed my hardy annuals: sunflowers, snowpeas, petunias, but I probably won't get around to others for a couple of weeks, if the warm weather comes. I plan on just a few this year: datura, four o'clocks, and zinnias. But then there are herbs, onions, and veggies. I have lots of bulbs and perennials to take me through the summer.

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