Easiest Roses for Zone 7

roses4krisNovember 25, 2007

Which roses would be easiest (most disease-resistant) for Zone 7? I'm a new rose-grower and would like to go organic if possible so I'm interested in starting out with proven winners for this area (east TN). I'm open to any type or color rose but would like fragrant ones. Thanks for your input.

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I would suggest Earthkind roses. They are supposed to be very disease resistant and easy to care for. Some examples are
Belinda's Dream - Carefree Beauty - Ducher Duchesse de Brabant - Else Poulsen Georgetown Tea - Knock Out - Marie Daly Miss Atwood - Mutabilis - Perle d'Or - Pink Pet - Pinkie, Cli. - Sea Foam - Spice - The Fairy.

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I am in middle TN and agree with Sunnishine. Belinda's Dream is super easy to grow with big pink , great smelling roses. Mine grew about 5x5 very quickly. I have Perle d'Or OGR , CL Pinkie, New Dawn and some knockouts that fit your description. All are mostly no spray although sometimes in the worst of the summer heat I do get some BS on Pinkie and Belinda's Dream but not enough that it looks too bad. Several on this forum also recommend Country Square Dancer( think that's the name) for our area. I have Mrs. B.R. Cant which holds up with no spray. Most of my HTs need spray in my garden.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I'm a bit south of you, but am finding that I love teas (old fashioned teas, not hybrid teas). They seem to be much more resistant to bs which is usually endemic in my yard without spraying.

I have Marie d'Orleans, Franziska Kruger and Rosette d' Lizzy and they are all doing great. They can handle the heat and seem to be able to make it through our mild winters without losing all their leaves.

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I am a bit South of you but these are the easiest of my no-care roses. I don't spray nor do I have a sprinkler system. My roses are easy all the way around!! You can see my member page for a complete list, but these are the absolute easiest:

BelindaƂs Dream
Blush Noisette
Carefree Beauty
Climbing Pinkie (Thornless, often used as a climber, a must have for beginners)
Country Dancer (a must have for beginners)
Duchesse de Brabant
Green Ice
Gruss An Achen
Gruss An Achen--Pink
Hot Cocoa
Julia child (a must have for beginners)
Knock Out
La Marne
Light Pink Knock Out
Marie Pavie
Moulton Noisette
Sea Foam
Weeping China Doll (a must have for beginners)

The roses listed are a variety of sizes and petal counts. You can find pictures for each at helpmefind.com.

I don't spray for bugs or fungus.

Here is a link that might be useful: My rose pictures at Helpmefind

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Here are some roses that I do not spray and they do beautifully. I must add that my coastal climate is much worse than inland south is or could be, so you will get a lot more suggestions from TN rosarians, mostly in the tea and Noisette classes.


Buff Beauty
Colette (Romantica series)
Jaune Desprez
Leonardo da Vinci
Papi Delbard
Marechal Niel (but this one needs some treatment against botrytis and thrips)


Belinda's dream (it balls in wet/very humid weather)
Bride's dream (but the thrips eat this one)
Clotilde Soupert (no blackspot but C.S gets powdery mildew that you can prevent with Wilt-pruf. Wilt-pruf is organic
Caramel Fairy tale
Duchesse de Brabant (more or less, it gets blackspot here but it does not defoliate and keeps blooming)
Floral Fairy tale
Irish hope
Perle d'Or
Summer Snow

Probably could be grown no spray:

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Kronprincessin Victoria
Gruss an Aachen
Papa Meilland (after the first 2-3 years; when it is established, it does well without spray)
Princess de Monaco

So far it looks promising:

Jubilee Celebration

I am sure I could name a few more if I could go out to look around but IT IS RAINING AT LONG LAST!!!!

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Except for a few rugosas I presently have (roseraie de l'haye, blanc double de coubert, moje hammerberg, snow pavement) and a species (rosa virginiana) I can only speak on a prospective basis on some roses I have ordered & will plant in the spring.

This was based on comments on the site, plus checking in some books (Taylor's Guide, Botanica), and also checking helpmefind & (somewhat) Longwood Gardens recommendations (based on which I hope to get Illusion, someday. Eroica looks like it might be a good red rose - Appalachian has this.

Anyway, some roses I'll be trying in the Spring (with priority being given to disease resistance & fragrance):

Earth Song
Nur Mahal
Autumn Sunset
Darlow's Enigma
Konigin von Danemark
Alba Semi-Plena
Rosa moschata Plena
English Miss
The McCartney Rose
Perle d'or (thanks for the recommendation, Olga)
Morning Has Broken
Violet Hood
The Bishop
Belle de Crecy
Canary Bird (again, thanks, Olga)
Apothecary Rose
Captain John Ingram
Ghislaine de Feligonde
Deep Secret

I would, if you, consider very carefully Olga's recommendations & expertise in the matter for 6b/7.

Darlow's Enigma appears to be a winner everywhere-?


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Or you could visit my 500 roses east of Knoxville and see which ones still have leaves (and which don't).
So far, the newer earthkind are unproven in East TN.
Hybrid Musks, most Teas, most chinas, most noisettes, some polyanthas and some of the newer modern roses can live here without spray. Some may defoliate at midsummer, but most don't or recover quickly.
I like George's list, but would leave off Applejack (a once bloomer for me, with two plants from different sources),
Olga has slightly harder, longer winters, and it makes a difference. Longwood has a similar difference to our east TN growing conditions.

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Hi, I am in North AR. I am a beginner with roses, and I happened upon this thread. I was wondering what roses might be good for me. I have managed to keep my first rose, a Memphis Music alive for two years and I really want to grow red or yellow roses that kind of match in color.

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