deervssteve(9)November 17, 2013

I calculated that four foot diameter would be enough and the cages looked huge around the babies. The deer have been able to snag a few buds within six inches of the cage.

When I have some time, I'll take them apart and add another 6 feet of fencing to increase the diameter to six feet and increase the protected area another foot from the bush. The bushes will be bigger next year.

I knew they couldn't get anything from the top but never expected getting to the bushes through the fencing.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Man those deer are sneaky...

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seil zone 6b MI

Sounds like it might be easier to fence the whole bed instead.

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I had the same thought seil had - how about a fence around several roses?

I cage all of our baby roses, but then take off the cages when the roses are big enough not to be killed by some grazing. Our deer are not as hungry as yours - they mostly just nibble. But, they are sneaky about getting through cages! I actually saw a small but not tiny fawn sticking its smaller nuzzle through a cage and grazing on the rose inside.

One time at my MIL's house, in the middle of the night she heard a horrible racket in the back yard that woke her up. Armed with a flashlight, she saw a large (for us) buck running around her patio with a cage caught in its antlers. It was smashing the cage against everything, and eventually the cage fell off and we found it the next morning. My DH then bulit a tall fence all around his mother's back yard, and that worked.


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I'm not worried about the deer killing the roses. I've had about 15 bushes unprotected for over 20 years. The problem is except for the climbers and a few tall bushes they eat almost all the buds and stunt the growth of the bushes. Rose bushes without abundant flowers is not an option.

Fencing isn't an option. I was fortunate to convince my wife to allow cages. Cages are shorter then fences, because they only need to stop grazing, not entry. Cages are temporary and easily removeable. A fence is a more permanent structure and my roses are in the front of the house and a fence would not be attractive.
My backyard is too shady for roses and the one other section that has sun, a fence would block the view of the mountain. Given another property, I would fence.

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