How do I minimize frost heave?

termitApril 6, 2014

I live in Alberta and over the past few years I have had minor frost heaving in the front of my house near my raised steps and driveway. Each year it seems to get a little worse, and this year was BAD. My driveway raised to the point where my truck was on an angle to the side when parked, and one side of my steps raised enough to pop the ledgestone (polyeurethane) off the wall. I can put the ledgestone back when the steps settle but the damage to the driveway really concerns me.
My question is this: I have been hesitant to have my driveway replaced because of the fear that it might happen to my new driveway and waste all that money, but since it seems to get worse each year, I am wondering if it isn't getting worse BECAUSE of the damage. This year I could actually stick my arm under the driveway from my garage. I have a feeling that because of the existing damage, the brutal cold air is given free access to all ground moisture and causing the heaving to worsen, so if I have it replaced is it logical that the new driveway could block access to the ground moisture?

Thank you for your replies.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I suspect your problem gets worse every year because more and more water runs under the driveway as the angle increases. I assume that a reputable asphalt or concrete company would install a new drive with appropriate layers of gravel and sand to allow adequate drainage to minimize the problem. It may also be that there are large tree roots contributing, and those get larger every year. I know nothing formal about this subject. I'm just guessing based on a knowledge of physics and history of homeownership.


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