Tomatoes germinated yet?

caddie(6 Northern KY)April 9, 2014

I live in Northern Ky, Zone 6, near Cincinnati, OH. Would love to hear from anyone in this area with information whether your tomatoes have germinated as of this date. I have ONE out of 70 that have come up. I'm beginning to worry. Hopefully, it is just too early. Thanks for your response.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

How has your weather been, especially at night? We've had a long, cold winter here and it's just started to warm up to average April temps late this week. I don't have tomato sprouts yet, either, but I expect I will soon if our weather stays normal. And if you've got one the others will be along soon.

Also, expect to transplant small seedlings, nothing like you'd get from a store or nursery. But they do catch up once they're in a good spot and the temps get to their liking. So don't panic -- I've been doing this for years and never failed to get good germination. Usually I have more than I can plant out.


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caddie(6 Northern KY)

Thank you for responding, Caryl. Like you, we have had a horrendous winter and recently, almost two weeks ago, we had two nights of snow and cold temps. With that, the few tomatoes that had germinated - wilted and had to quickly reseed. I've been WS for years and have never experienced such conditions. Hopefully, they'll germinate again. We usually plant our tomatoes around May 15th, Like you recommended, if I'm fortunate, I'll be planting "small seedlings". Thanks so much.

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terrene(5b MA)

It has definitely been a late and cold Spring this year. The past few weeks finally feel like Spring, but blooms are about 2-3 weeks later than the previous couple years.

Why do you think your sprouts wilted the first time? That sounds like damping off and it is very unusual for winter-sowing.

I just sowed my tomatoes yesterday, so of course they haven't sprouted yet! They are heat lovers though, and while they may sprout they don't really get going until it warms up (usually June).

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caddie(6 Northern KY)

"Why do you think your sprouts wilted the first time? " The freezing temperatures for two days, I believe, were the cause of the few that had germinated to freeze and limp over. Keep in mind, they were not true leaves yet, so they were very sensitive to the weather conditions. I agree, even for Northern KY, we are 2-3 weeks later than previous years. Am I WS the tomatoes too early? I plant them along with my annuals beginning the first of the year...This year I was late getting started, so it wasn't until the middle of February. Thank you for responding.

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I planted over 200 hundred seeds and the ones that did come up, got murdered by neighborhood hoodlums (disrespectful children) they think they run this place i swear.

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