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rose_toes(8a)December 30, 2013

I am trying to pick a fantastic red climbing rose for a prominent sunny spot on the front of my house. I'd like it to produce blooms on old and new wood, grow quite large and be a real show stopper. I would appreciate suggestions or advice...

So far I am considering...
Don Juan
Dublin Bay
Improved Blaze


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

rose_toes, I think you probably saw my comments on Dublin Bay on the other thread where you first brought up this topic, so I won't comment further on it here except to repeat that it is a good climber.

I just wanted to mention that years ago I grew Blaze Improved. I seem to remember I had lots of BS problems with it. Let's see what others have to say also.

Have you done a search on this forum for Don Juan? (See search box near bottom of the page). I think I remember a couple posters commenting on it not too long ago--most of their comments were favorable, if I remember correctly.

Good luck.


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I have Red Eden, which behaves very nicely in my

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I've read the favorable comments about all of them. It would be helpful to know if anyone has grown all of them and found one to be most outstanding and for what particular reasons.

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We are in the same zone, and if you are open to a different rose, you may want to consider Red Cascade.
I have had DJ and Blaze and was not impressed with the blackspot they got. Red Cascade has little issues in my area of North Texas.
The stalks are thin, so they are extremely easy to train up a trellis. They also 'cascade' over a pot if allowed. Can get very big.
Drawback - small flowers with no scent, but a beautiful plant.

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I just had to share this...Armadeus is such an outstanding rose here. It only blooms for about 4-5 weeks in the spring but I am starting to see more blooms thru out the summer.I know you are looking for a constant bloomer. This rose has No blackspot and no scent, but a show stopper...YES! Thanks for letting me share..I love this rose and I grow 4th of July next to it, which blooms all year. Lesley

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

Look up 'Orfeo'. Mine is still young, but I picked it out based on the rave reviews from the few who have tried it. Coming as a band Spring 2013, it hit 6' tall when it went in the ground a few months later. It hasn't bloomed yet, but has continued growing laterals after I wrapped its canes around the trunk of a tree.



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I've had Don Jaun, own root, on Dr Huey and on Fortuniana rootstock. On Fortuniana it is a huge bush covered in large satin red blooms. When bush comes to shove, it is the only repeat blooming climber I will ever have.

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Agree with ken. Fragrance, hardiness, performance in my Chicago garden is wonderful. I am not a fan of reds but I will never be without Don Juan.

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I have several Don Juans and I absolutely love them. They bloom repeatedly for me through the summer and their flowers really are beautiful. I'm not sure about blackspot because I spray all of my roses anyway, but I would highly reccomend it.

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Susan, I'm not a fan of reds either! But I'm working on this thing called 'compromise' and my husband wants red. I suppose if we're to be communist then we should at least do it right.

Lesley, that is a beautiful red rose! I'd like such a show!

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Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z8b @ 2800 ft.

I second the Don Juan. It is bullet proof in my climate and blooms in 100 degree+ temperatures. I am not a big fan of bright reds, I do not dislike them, but love deep romantic reds like that of Don Juan and the purplish reds.

Are you in a zone 8 that is humid like Texas or more similar to inland upper Northern California?
It could make a difference in terms of your final selection.


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the_bustopher z6 MO

I would suggest having a look at Too Hot to Handle available from Heirloom Roses. I had one for quite a while until it got rose rosette. It bloomed quite regularly with clusters of bright scarlet flowers. I grew it as a large shrub rather than a climber, but it would probably do well for you. I would grow it again if I had the space, but it got too big for the spot it occupied. While it is not the greatest picture, below is a picture of what the bush did look like.

Perhaps this one will spark your interest.

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I had two Blaze climbers and they were both blackspot magnets here in southern Ontario.

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Rose toes, I have posted this pic before, but this shows the character of DJ. Sometimes I don't anchor them.
Happy new year!

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Even great in a vase!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

It depends partly on what shade of red you are looking for--the moody romantic red with blue tones of Don Juan or a bright red red (no blue tones) of Dublin Bay or the orange-toned red of Too Hot to Handle.

I don't have a good picture of Dublin Bay but maybe this will give you an idea of its nonfading red red:

And another:

Hope that helps.


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Bustopher and Kate...thank you for the pictures. They're very helpful. Bustopher, I ordered 'Too hot to handle' because I love that bright red. And then I ordered both DB and DJ *sigh* :)

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Hey, a real sucker for a pretty face, obviously.

: )


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