I love watching my garden go to sleep...

mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)December 11, 2012

Some folks love watching the leaves turn and fall in the Autumn. I love to watch my garden slip into dormancy. The beautiful contrast between the fading flowers, dried seed heads, rose hips and the last struggling buds is my favorite part of the autumn/winter transition.

It's odd. If my garden looked like this in spring/summer I'd be horrified. Yet, when there's frost on the horizon all I can see is beauty.

I hope you enjoy watching my garden go to sleep as much as I do...

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Oh my. Frozen in time. Your pics certainly moved me. Thank you

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Those photos tell such a serene story. Beautiful.

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I love the look of frost damaged blooms, great pics.

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How lovely.

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alameda/zone 8

We had our first really killing frost last night - all the periwinkles, lantana, zinnas, elephant ears, cannas, etc. are really and truly frozen. Now.....I can cut them back, dispose of the frost damaged folliage, yank up the annuals [which I couldnt stand to do before they were kissed by the frost] and plant pansies, seed poppies and larkspur. I am reluctant to take a break, but have lots to do for the holidays and really enjoy that, then January is spent doing taxes and other start of the year paperwork. When thats done.....February starts giving hints of spring and then it exciting to watch the roses come alive again. I find its nice to take a little break and when spring begins, its exciting to watch the new growth on the roses and keep an eye out for the first buds.

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