Rose campion and variations therof

wendy2shoesApril 27, 2014

I recently received and have sprouts of white campion. I can't long since I w/s rose campion..does it bloom first season?

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mine (both white and pink) have been biennial. Nice fuzzy clump the first year and flowers the second, so let them reseed or collect and plant seeds each year for continuous bloom. I mainly let them do their own thing. :)

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Hmmmm I remember mine as being perennial and re-seeding a little too well, but easy to hoe out. I received seeds and have somewhere around 15-20 seedlings of Lychnis coronaria 'Angel's Blush'....yeah! Sprouted about a month ago.


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well I started to doubt myself so I just had to look up and see what the gardening sites said about it.....and got all different answers. Perennial and biennial mostly, but one site even said they were annuals! :) I guess different kinds grow differently. I always thought that mine were biennial, but maybe I just thought they were and automatically pulled them when they looked withered up after they flowered. Guess I will leave them this year and see what happens next year. :)

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This is 'one of those' which can do it's own thing. Kind of like some foxgloves - some remain true to their nature of being biennials, and others decided to stay a couple more years, but they never get to the point of real perrenials which can be divided after a few years. :O)

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Yes....but there are both biennial and perennial species of Foxglove......Digitalis ambigua or AKA D. grandiflora is perennial :)

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