Nicotiana Sylvestris

ohsillymeApril 25, 2012

Hi All -

I wintersowed some Nicotiana Sylvestris - Woodland Tobacco, well over a month ago and have not had any germination yet. Anybody else sow this and have germination? Shall I start a fresh jug with the very few leftover seeds? Try starting indoors?

I also sowed Nicotiana Sensation last week and that is already up!

My wintersown larkspur arent up either but grateful the volunteers are showing up!

Anyone else having any luck? Or do I just need more patience?

Any feedback is appreciated!

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organic_greenjeans(Z 5/6 Eastern Washington)

Be patient! I've had N. sylvestris take months to germinate & as a self re-seeder in perennial beds, it's always been one of the last seedlings to appear in late spring.

That's just been my experience with it, so it'll be interesting to learn what others results have been!

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I completely agree. Mine also self sow and I don't WS them at all. I start to notice them in the late summer/early fall.

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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

My larkspur has germinated great in some containers and sparse in others. I've heard it's a finicky one so i'm happy to get ANY sprouts. I sowed them in february and they popped up slowly throughout march after that warm spell.

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I Winter Sowed it too (first time for it), and have not had any sprouts with it yet. Good to know it takes a while to sprout.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I have Nicotiana Sylvestris that reseeds in my yard now, but I must have started it by WSing a few years ago, so don't give up hope - I know it can be done!It is a large plant, stunning I think, so worth it if you can get it going.

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Thanks for the responses!! I will be patient,,,,twiddle twiddle,,,,glad i'm not alone,,,,twiddle twiddle,,,

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This is my second year at WSing the Nicotiana, I got 2 sprouts out of 2 packs of seeds. The larkspur is growing like crazy, I sowed them earlier than my other containers. I think they like the extended germination time.

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