DA Dwarf Polyanthas, Patio, and Miniatures

andrearkDecember 31, 2013

I have 3 beautiful smallish pots that will be empty soon. I want to replace the contents with 3 David Austins. The website shows 3 types of small roses - Patio roses, Miniatures and Dwarf Polyanthas. Does anyone have experience with any of these? Also, when would be the best time to plant these in northern California?

And last but not least, my one month old Lady Emma Hamilton gave me a beautiful Christmas present, a new bloom. WOW, what a fragrance.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Andrea, I'm not sure what site/roses you are looking at, but David Austin doesn't breed patio roses or minatures or dwarf polyanthas.

If you check near the back of a DA catalog, you will see that DA also carries a few roses that he did not breed, although right off hand I don't remember any of the smaller ones you listed--but my memory isn't always as sharp as it should be. : ) As I remember it, his catalog has a couple pages of Old Roses that are NOT DA roses and a couple pages of modern roses which include hybrid teas--but no DA roses in that section.

On the other hand, I have several small polyanthas (The Fairy is a classic and dependable sweetheart) that I really like and I grow about a dozen miniatures --love their cute little blooms! So go with the patios, etc., if that is what you really like.

Good luck.


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Kate, I Googled "David Austin miniature roses". The top choice was "Buy roses - small - David Austin Roses" This will take you to the three types of David Austin roses I mentioned......


I didn't notice until I just opened it again. Too bad. They have some lovely little roses.

I have 3 miniatures now in the pots. I don't really like them. Maybe I'll wait until spring and visit Regan's.

Thanks for answering,


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Gee, I don't mean to get into an argument here, but those patio, minis, and polys are NOT David Austin roses--they were not bred by David Austin, although David Austin offers them for sale on the English site.

If you check the breeders for each of those pictured roses, they are bred by other well-known breeders/nurseries like Ralph Moore--who has never worked for David Austin as far as I know; and by Kordes--the important German nursery that would rather jump off a cliff than pass off one of their own creations as being bred by their competitor David Austin.
They are all lovely and worth growing--but they are NOT David Austin bred.

On the other hand, if you are close enough to Regan's to visit them, I really envy you. It would take me forever to make my way out a place like that. : )


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Don't cry Andrea. You can get many of those Austin selections from Pickering Nursery in Canada.My favourite on the list is Flower Power. Not a good photo but it is always covered in tiny hybrid teas.

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ratdogheads(5b NH)

Andrea, check out the current topic on the antique rose forum about smaller David Austins roses. Some of those varieties would probably do rather nicely in pots.

If you're looking for miniature roses that have the look of a David Austin or old rose, some that I grow and would recommend are Green Ice, Dresden Doll, and Bouquet Parfait. All are available from Rogue Valley Roses. The mini-flora Moonlight Scentsation is lovely and very fragrant, I got mine from Two Sisters roses and have not seen it sold elsewhere.

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I wasn't arguing, I was just telling you exactly where I saw this info. I looked more closely at the site and you are absolutely correct. Thanks.

Thanks for the info on Rogue Valley. Looks like I can find something I like there.

That is a beautiful plant, I will look for it at Rogue Valley.

Thanks and Happy New Year to you all,


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Where did you get Flower Power from? I checked RVR and didn't have it on their website, maybe I missed it?

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