Did you ask Santa for Rosey things?

seil zone 6b MIDecember 13, 2011

I asked for gift certificates to local nurseries. It was a lot of fun anticipating what I'd get with the one I got last year. Two roses of course! Dick Clark and Elle came home in May. I also asked for the sharpening kit and holster for my Felco pruners.

Did anyone else ask Santa for rose gifts?

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I did :) I asked for a greenhouse on casters (which I got early from my guy) and I bought myself a discounted gift certificate from High Country Roses, along with getting one for my siser-in-law who is just beginning to become interested in roses!

Who knows what else I'll get! Everyone who knows me well, knows my two passions are roses and rescue dogs :)

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Every time I ask for roses, garden ornaments, etc., my husband just rolls his eyes and buys me jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I love jewels, but at this stage of my life I'd rather have roses.

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Campanula UK Z8

Yep, I am hoping for long handled secateurs (preferably which grip the deadheaded rose) and also have asked for Hebe's Lip, a lovely once blooming white rose with delicate deep pink tips to the petals. Have also requested Christopher lloyds ' The Adventurous Gardener' and if one of my ingrate offspring feels like pushing the boat out, Robin lane Fox's Thoughtful Gardening would be in my stocking.
Last year, I got filbert and almond trees and new wellington boots.

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terryjean(5 Central IL)

I asked my daughter and son-in-law for some rooter pots and they said 'what the heck are those?' They thought they were something to cook in, I suppose.

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seil zone 6b MI

Ooo, that greenhouse sound cool, Tammy!

Flaura, I know just what look you're talking about, lol!

Campanula, I'd love to get a pair of wellies but I can't find any that seem to fit. If I get a ladies to fit my shoes size the calf is too narrow. So I tried a mens but then I couldn't get the foot small enough. Sigh, I wish they made them in a wide calf!

Lol, Terry, that's too funny! I got some rooter pots last year but I never got the chance to try them out. I'm going to do it next season though as I have several rare roses that I'd like to clone just to be on the safe side.

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Campanula UK Z8

oh yes, Seil, I know the squeezy calf problem. However, at least here in the UK, we can buy wellies which only come to mid calf. These might work well for you since it is the tops which usually constrict our muscular gardeners legs (yep, continue to believe it is muscles and not the result of nightly biscuit binges, Suzy). I have a another issue with standard wellies as I am less than 5 foot tall so full length wellies are practically thigh boots! (hmm, not really a look likely to catch on).

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Noni Morrison

I'm going more immediate then roses for Christmas...I get (its here but not wrapped yet) shelves and Plant lights for an indoor garden to help me make it through the long dark wet winter. I'm just getting into African violets and other gesnariads now that I've proved I can keep them alive over the summer of outdoor gardening. Roses just don't do well as houseplants! Besides, the Palatine order is all secured and still safely in Canada so I have those to lok forward to, as well as planning my garden remodel.

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Campanula UK Z8

ooh yes, Lizalily - I have had a serious streptocarpus and chirita habit. Lovely, lovely. Cineraria are good too.

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Rose gloves -- up to the elbow, at least. Do they make any with shoulder pads? By the time I really lean in there, I find myself getting impaled in the weirdest places.

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh, Liz, I do the same thing! I start bulbs and things but my main winter gardening is my rose seedlings. My indoor garden is what keeps me sane during the winter!

Lol, Onedrew, mine would need some kind of helmet too! I'm always getting my hair caught in a rose!

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A few OGR's are on the way :)

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A new shovel, please Santa...pretty please. Lesley

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stlgal(south z5)

More little signs for labeling all of the new arrivals this spring, a fountain to put in a spot between beds, and a couple of new gardening/rose books.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

Absolutely! I asked for more wellies because I wear them to walk into the office when it's raining or snowing. Also asked for more rose markers, gauntlet gloves, and pots or statuary.

Last year Santa brought me the most beautiful glass orb in shades of swirly blue that glows a bit at night.

Found the best deals on wellies (for around $15) at the local farm supply store. They pair up very well if purchased a size larger & worn with heavy boot socks or a thick gel insert.

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seil zone 6b MI

Can't wait to see pics, Ken!

I got a new shovel last year, Lesmc!

Oh yes, stlgal, I always need more labels and books. Hmmm...didn't think of a fountain...

That's a good idea, Flaura! But I don't have a farm supply around here.

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