OT- Cutting back Asters?

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)May 18, 2010

Someone here (I'm sure it was here) clips back their asters when they are (so big). Are you here? What is your technique? Thanks.

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Hi Mary,

I always cut my asters back at the end of spring and then they're maybe just as tall at end of summer when they start to bloom but are much bushier. Cut them down about two-thirds and don't feed them except maybe some aged compost shovelled about the plants as a top dressing or mulch.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Yes, I cut (or the rabbits prune) my New England asters to keep them shorter and bushier. They tend to bloom later.

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On what kind of schedule? Just the one time around now? Or am I doing a couple clips between now and (some later date- like with mums)?

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I was new to (but excited about)the idea that I could control the "final size" of some of the monster plants in my garden by doing an early haircut and another one later in the season (but before flower buds are set.)last year. I did this a little bit with New England asters, big agastaches (not the little ones) and Helinanthus Maximillion in 2009 and was pleased to get somewhat shorter, stockier plants (mostly just pinching out growth tips).

I am going to town with the process this year in order to acheive even shorter stocker results!!! Each of these will be cut by somewhere between a 1/3 and 2/3 this coming weekend. If it is too severe and cruel I'll just replant em! They all make copious amounts of seed. But I need a clarification... Trudi, you would give the haircut as dramatically again later in the season? Or just growth tips?

We never stop needing Trudy...


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token28001(zone7b NC)

When you're cutting back your mums, remember, they root easily in a wintersown container using good potting mix placed in the shade. A little rooting hormone helps. ;)

I cut mine back today. I'll continue cutting them back until the 4th of July here. Your schedule may vary.

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Nan, for the second cut I would just go halfway down. And I think I would do it by the beginning of August.

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Thanks for the rooting tip on mums, token. I do the pinching until 4th of July, but didn't know they'd root easily. Good tip!

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