Daybreak Magnolia Seed

leaflover76(5b)October 8, 2013

I planted a Daybreak Magnolia last year. Its a stunning Magnolia from the flower to the leaf. Out walking in the garden this morning I noticed seeds on it. Sooo.. can I do anything with these? Are they viable? I would love to get another Daybreak. Here's photos of my beauty.

flower in spring

foliage in September

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Don't count on them coming up 'Daybreak'. Some may resemble it, none will be the exact same clone. To get germination, as with many other cold climate plants you will have to give the seeds cold storage before they are able to sprout. Do a web search for growing magnolias from seed to help you decide if it is something you want to fiddle with.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if daybreak ... is propagated thru grafting .. then there is your answer ..

why go thru all that... if you could grow billions by seed ..

regardless.. research D's parents... and you will be able to guess as to seed results.. e.g. if they crossed a dominant red.. with a white ... to get a pink .... and this is all guessing.. just to give you an idea ... you MIGHT get 75% red ... 23 % white ... and 2 pink ...

but then there would be the regression of mom and dads shape.. form.. size ... vigor.. etc ...

bottom line.. the odds of you getting anything that looks like D ... is frankly.. low to nil ... besides having to grow it for 5 years before it flowers ...

but then.. there is that one in a million chance.. you might end up with the next brightest star ...

go for it ... i learned a vast majority of my knowledge.. by experimenting ...

and your first step.. would be to research how to grow trees in pots ... and that is not as simple as annuals and perennials ... starting.. most importantly.. with potting media ...

you got nothing to lose ...


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