Our Eurodesert legacy - A Thank You card for Cliff Orent

nippstress - zone 5 NebraskaDecember 7, 2013

Hi folks

Periodically, I've been noticing posts from people who mention they got a particular rose from Eurodesert or Cliff's mother plant sale at the closing of the nursery, and they're almost always unusual roses that don't get discussed often. Now that Eurodesert has been (sadly) gone two years, I thought it might be a nice time to send a tribute to Cliff and show him photos of the legacy of roses he has created around the country. He has had such an impact on roses in my yard that I couldn't possibly post all the roses that came from him - I bought over a hundred of the mother plants alone at his closing sales. Still, with at least two years of growth for those plants, plus more years of growth on the many bands I've bought from Eurodesert over the years, I feel like the roses are mature enough to show their quality. I'll celebrate the ones I consider more unusual here, and encourage you all to do the same (with pictures if you have them).

I'll start with what I've come to consider my "Eurodesert corner" of my mailbox bed. The color's a little washed out but it shows the array of roses. From the dark red in the back, they're World's Fair, Wishing/Georgy Girl, Grand Duc Henri (the taller pinkish-apricot one slightly behind), Shooting Star mini (the only non ED rose in this shot), and the gloriously in your face orange of Liverpool Remembers.

I had mistakenly posted this huge amazing bloomer in my front bed as Hamburger Deern, but digging down to the base showed it was instead Kirkham's rose Jack's Wish. Cliff is one of the only sources I've found for Kirkham's roses, and this one in particular bloomed like a maniac in a zone 4 pocket of my yard.

Much as I love Kordes roses, I hadn't heard of Countess Celeste until the mother plant sale. True to type, it also handles the zone 4 pocket like a trooper and is totally trouble free for me.

Also in my zone 4 pocket is the reliably deep russet rose Terra Cotta, who dukes it out and survives every year against not only an aggressive fall mum but also the roots of a spontaneously seeded sweet autumn clematis that popped up nearby one day.

Keeping up the orange theme is the Mander rose Buffy St. Marie in my part-shade bed, whose name is probably unfamiliar to people who aren't into obscure folk music as I am. It's the only rose of the many in my yard on multiflora grafts that insists on sending up a few suckers each year, but they're pretty easy to distinguish and rip off the real rose.

A stalwart constant bloomer in that same part shade bed is the hybrid musk Petite de Terre Franche (the white rose at center of this picture). This shot blends this rose with the slightly pinker Heavenly Pink at its feet, but they're both all-summer bloomers and trouble free.

For years I had drooled over the exquisite picotee form of Nostalgie, but at the time it wasn't available that I could find in the US. When Cliff had it on one of his mother plant sale lists, I leaped at the opportunity. In retrospect, I rather think he hadn't intended to put that on the sale list, but he was gracious enough to sell it to me anyway and I'm ever so grateful.

One rose that arrived as a surprise from a rare shipping error was Baptiste Le Faye, and it has happily bloomed at the foot of my huge Pin Oak tree ever since. P.G. Wodehouse is my only other happy mistake from ED (and one of my favorite authors) but I don't have a photo of it handy.

A striped rose that doesn't get discussed much in that highly desired topic for roses is Tickles, perhaps because it has a rather doofy undignified name (not Cliff's fault of course).

Broceliande is among my favorite stripes, and I ended up buying two of them from Cliff (and I have very few duplicated roses)

Pillow Talk is an intriguing mix of mauve and subtle apricot that is pretty hardy and a frequent bloomer for me in part shade. An added bonus is that the mother plant split into two parts on planting, so I have two of these great short bloomers.

I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves:


Boulie's Dream

Shades of Autumn

Sutter's Gold

OK, your turn - what roses are in your yard because of Cliff and Eurodesert? Let's share stories and/or pictures, and see if we can get Cliff to stop by and be thanked by all of us at GW!


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You might remember that Buffy St. Marie made a memorable visit to Sesame Street where she was hosted by Oscar in the trashcan. That was, of course, back in the day, when SS was worth watching. My grandbabies love the pinball numbers on youtube.

I am indebted to Cliff for my wonderful Puzzta, and for Green Snake and Porcelain de Chine and for Titian.

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seil zone 6b MI

I do miss Eurodessert's wonderful ecclectic and rare roses. And I miss Cliff's wicked sense of humor, cheerful kindness and gorgeous photos!

I have three roses from Cliff. The first is one he bred himself called Mrs. Robinson

Next is a sport of Rosie O'Donnell he found during her famous feud with Donald Trump that he cleverly named Trump Card, lol!

And last a pretty polyantha named Blanche Neige

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Great idea Cynthia. Here are some of my beautiful roses I've gotten from Cliff. I have quite a few others, but didn't have decent pics from this season, and some still haven't produced a lot.

It was a sad day for me when he closed up EuroDesert Roses. But I'm very thankful for all the roses I have gotten from him over the yrs.




















Thank you Cliff for providing so many beautiful roses for us to enjoy!!

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I love the roses I got from Cliff, although not all of them lived. My favorite is an HT called BERMUDA.

Also, two shrubs are fantastic, BELEVEDERE and WINSHOTEN. Its been awhile since I posted and I forgot how to post more than one photo, so guess I have to attach them to separate posts.

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Here's the shrub rose, Belvedere. It is really fantastic - blooms a lot and very healthy.

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And here's WINSHOTEN. It has a wonderful scent.

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desertcliff(z9-10 CA low desert)

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your doing this. As you said, EuroDesert Roses has now been closed for two years and although I've had occasional messages with photos, I've often thought how wonderful it would be to see how some of these very special roses are doing in their new homes. So my sincere thanks to you for taking the initiative to start this greatly appreciated thread and thanks also to everyone else who has posted comments and/or photos. It means a great deal to me!
Warm regards to all,

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These roses are so beautiful! Beth, you have such a lovely collection.Snow, I am crazy over Belvedere...just beautiful. Loving this post! lesley

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

Hi Cliff

I'm so glad you dropped by to see this tribute! I'd thought about dropping you an email to show you the ED roses in context in my own yard but I got to thinking about how huge an email that would be. Besides, I knew we had many other GW folks wanting to show off their bounty from your nursery. Like Beth, I am also loving my Andre Willemse, First Great Western, Twice in a Blue Moon, and Gilbert Becaud from you, but she has better photos than I do of most of those (particularly the lavenders). It's wonderful to look through these photos and see the striking variety of colors and textures across the different roses! Increasing that diversity is one of the many things we have to be grateful about from the ED legacy.

Seil, I admit I hadn't known that Trump Card had anything to do with Donald Trump, and I find the pun better than the man it refers to by a long shot. Not only is Trump Card a nicer color combination than Rosie O'Donnell, the latter is a name I really would have to struggle to include in my yard.

Nastarana, thanks for the reminder about Sesame Street and Buffy St. Marie. It's amazing how much of our cultural heritage is linked to shows like that from our childhood, though I hesitate to admit I only knew of that show from the kids I babysat (I was a Romper Room child myself - oooh, now that dates me).

I'm glad we've been able to get a chorus of folks posting their roses growing from Eurodesert, and now that Cliff has dropped by it's a great chance to drop him a thanks or tell of a favorite story related to one of his roses.


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