2012 rose season officially over today

wirosarian_z4b_WIDecember 9, 2012

3" on the ground at 1:30 PM & 3-5" more predicted before the storm is done followed by a cold front coming in with 0 to -10 F temps Mon. Time to dig out the rose books & catalogs and wait for April.

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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Beautiful photo! At least you have some snow cover to get you through the low temperatures.

Unfortunately here, mother nature can't make up her mind. We had snow for a few days two weeks ago and then we've had days between 50-60 this week.

Doesn't stop me from the catalogs though. My wish list currently has 58 roses on it, mostly thanks to the new Heirloom & David Austin catalogs and confirmed by this forum of course.

Stay warm and I hope we hear what strikes your fancy from those catalogs!

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Wow - brings back memories as I grew up in Upstate NY. But no one in my family gardened, and I have no sense of what gardening roses is like with snow. It is beautiful. So far we are having an unseasonably mild December here in N. CA, and most of my roses are trying to bloom right now... It's low 60's outside, and bright beautiful sun with no clouds.

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seil zone 6b MI

Lol, I guess it is over! I too envy you that snow cover for the roses. Lately we haven't been getting much of anything in the way of snow and the roses would be happier with it. Just cold gray drizzle here.

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Lovely picture. My roses have just recovered from the heat and are looking lovely.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I love your snow

(but also love that I counted 46 buds on Ambridge today-sorry for your snow...)

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...not even cold in Houston

I have roses that are blooming more now than in the summer's extreme heat and high humidity.

Your snow covered scenery is gorgeous!

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make a snowman for me! I'm still waiting for a good amount of snow in the local mountains so I can go frolic.

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Just got in from snow blowing & shoveling the driveway & sidewalk. The weathermen were off just a "wee bit". They predicted 6-8" & the final official total was 14.7".

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No snow here. Just a cold rain. I'm learning to watch certain roses to let me know when the rose season is over. Especially Rosa Rugosa. When it's foliage turns orange, then bright yellow then drops off, that's a pretty good hint. I do my winter garden different then most folks. Several yrs ago I visited Germany in Jan & Feb. Almost every lot and space had roses. I talked with a BUNCH off folks about their winter care of their roses. I liked what they did. Come early Dec, they take off the last blooms down to the first set of foliage. Then they strip all the foliage off each bush. If they have long wind whipped canes they put a long stake by that bush and tie them to the stake. I tried that method a couple of years ago and really like the overall effect. A little bit of work?? yeah, but come spring worth it. Even in a mild winter (last year), everything shut down for at least 90 days or more. No fungal problems at all come spring. No foliage for winter carry over at all. Plus, another good reason to keep my garden under 100 bushs. My garden is a place of enjoyment. NOT problems that tend to bother me.

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Finally, getting some of that cold weather + rain!

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

I'm glad you got snow and we didn't. I'm not covered yet! It was 65 last week! Going to be 55 on Thursday with rain!

2012 was the hardest year to grow roses we ever had. From the early season with warm temperatures to my first rose open March 5, to 2" of rain from December 2011 till September 2012,
to the baking temperatures. Oh yes we had a watering ban because our lake went down so much. I'm glad this growing year is over!

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