anybody found a way to squirrel-proof containers?!

ellenr22May 14, 2014

boy I am so mad.
they got one of my balsams, which I had just planted out -and I was remarking how quick they were growing.
just sheared the top off, so I can't replant.

and then dug in my containers, destroying seedlings that I've waited weeks for.
I've got some wire at my garden that I'm going to try.

and then I put some of these small wire mesh wastebaskets over some containers.

I'm going to get more of these.

Please tell me what works for you.
I'm ready to get out the shotgun!

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northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)

I feel your pain. I came out today to find they had bitten off ALL my tulips, dug up and completely turned over my pot of green onions just sprouting, dug up and chopped off the heads of some potatoes. They have not been so bad in recent years because I put out feeding stations near the fences and that keeps them out of the gardens, but not this year. They have chewed on daylily and iris shoots as well. I have few covers I fashioned: just a rectangular wooden base with chicken wire attached all around. In some cases I closed the top but that's the only thing that works. I also place cut-off 2 litre and 8 litre containers and cover emerging plants. I put one of the covers over my angelique tulip bulbs which are just beginning to bloom. I wish I had a shotgun. One other thing I am planning to try is mouse traps. They will spring them and be frightened off, but will not be hurt. And to think we cut down our big trees to get rid of them and they still come!! Arrgghh!!

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oh, I am really sorry you had such losses. So far putting wire over my containers is working. I know if they get really determined they can get under it, but hopefully not before my little seeds grow.

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They got me this year too. All I know is pepper and cinnamon, however, it washes off with rain or watering of the plant.

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