an organic grower feels that rose rosette disease can be cured

henry_kuskaDecember 15, 2012


I wonder if they actually "cured" herbicide damage. Next door was a non organic grower with "damaged" roses. Since more than one cane seems to be "damaged" it does not appear that this "cure" is simply due to cuuting off a cane below the point of infected wood.

Also, the second link (see the third picture) shows a cane with black spots "The stems may show black splotches." as if the black splotches are a symptom of rose rosette virus. Can anyone comment on this aspect?

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Perhaps Ms. Brown would be willing to give more details to you. I'm sure along the way there will be errors and mistaken cures, but it is always possible that the truth, and a beginning to an answer, may be nestled in there somewhere.
One of my warmly remembered books from my childhood is The Microbe Hunters, detailing stories about those who looked at something, then backed up and looked again, and in doing so, made discoveries that helped us all.
Yours may very well be the experienced eyes that can detect whether this is merely herbicide damage that will right itself after a while, or something more.

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Here's my comment:
The "Dirt Doctor", Howard Garrett, who wrote and self-published that specious article, is selling a product, and the article is a vehicle for the sale of the product. I quote the section in which he prescribes his "treatment" for RRD:

"Next, choose one of the following spray formulas:

To 1 gallon of spray with Garrett Juice Plus add 8 ounces of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (available at drug and grocery stores)."

Options 2 and 3 are variations on the same theme, all involve the reader purchasing his "Garrett Juice Plus". Now, I am not suggesting that his organic fertilizer isn't useful in the same ways most nutrient rich concoctions are, but I seriously doubt this stuff has any properties that can "cure" RRD!

Here's what's in it:
"compost tea, apple cider vinegar, molasses and seaweed has been made even more powerful with the addition of hydrolyzed fish."

I didn't see a virucide listed in that formula. As Henry suggested, I expect if anything was indeed "cured", it might have been herbicide damage, but not RRD.

Honestly. I would have preferred that these folks submit samples of the plant to the local Ag Agent to determine the actual cause of the deformity before assuming, let alone treating, anything! Garrett is just shilling for his merch!

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Sometimes there can be some benefit from "home remedies". What caught my eye is that this "remedy" used hydrogen peroxide. (I recommend hydrogen peroxide for helping sick rose seedlings overcome fungus attacks.

There is evidence that plants produce hydrogen peroxide to "help" fight off fungus and even virus infections.

Even externally applied hydrogen peroxide may help, see:

However, this paper looked at the case where the hydrogen peroxide was applied shortly after infection. It is hard to imagine that it woule be a "cure" for a long standing infection.

A google Scholar search with the key terms "plant virus" and "hydrogen peroxide" will give the reader an idea of what has been published.

Even aspirin (Salicylic Acid) may help. Again a Google Scholar search with the key terms "plant virus" and "Salicylic Acid" will give the reader an idea of what has been published.

Here is a link that might be useful: hydrogen peroxide may help if applied early

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Henry, does it not concern you that this article you cited in the original post is clearly engineered to sell a product??

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Paul, thank you for pointing out the "possibility". I personally will not say for certain what the motive of another person (that I do not know) is. As you mentioned, I have attempted to point out that the one case cited may have actually been a herbicide caused problem.

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