these are some tough seedlings!!

jodie74(6)May 15, 2011

I can't believe I haven't lost a single one that I've planted out! Which is A TON I might add....... We have gone form cold, damp to SUPER HOT and DRY, now back to cold, rainy with some flash flooding!! Needless to say I go out daily, sometimes twice daily to check on my babies planted out and I have NOT LOST A SINGLE ONE! They seem to be laughing at this cRaZy!!! Weather!!!! AMAZING!

The weather is however slowing me down planting out! I started May 1 with the goal of 15 per day and because I sowed 1515 I figured it would take 100 days or less due to some not germinating of course. 15 seems to be my garden number... :P. Well, needless to say, I am behind by a few days. :( and I know I may not plant Mon and possibly Tues due to nasty weather. sigh

Sorry, venting..... Anyways, still so shocked at how well ws'ing works and how simple it is yet results are such hardy plants!!!!


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PVick(6b NYC)

Amazing, isn't it? Did I read your number right - 1515? Great googamooga! What all did you sow?!

If you can stand it, planting out in the rain is good ...


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Yes, you read correctly....1515! You name it & I WS'D IT!!! :P I started with basically a clean slate.... Spent late winter/early spring making TONS of new flower beds in my basically unlandscaped yard. Surrounded my WHOLE corner lot with 3-6' wide beds! LOVE IT!!!

I have been going out some & planting in between the rain showers but when it's whipping & blowing & pouring-NO WAY! LOL It does make for easy planting & NO WATERING IN! I did get some more edging done now that the ground is soft again.

Here is a link that might be useful: my empty flower beds

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My understanding is that it is not good to plant in wet soil, or to work the soil when it is very wet.
It causes the soil to compact and acording to the website cited below, "the negative effects can last for years".

"Working wet soil will pack soil particles tightly, leaving less room for water and air to penetrate. Compacted soil also makes it more difficult for plant roots and gardening equipment to move through the soil. The compression forms tight clumps of soil that become hard as rocks upon drying and are difficult to break up. In addition to making it difficult for plants to grow, compacted soils also tend to drain more slowly, in turn delaying the ability to work the soil after the next rainfall."


Here is a link that might be useful: Resist the Urge to work wet soil

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tepelus z6a SW MI

I have no choice but to plant in wet soil, with all of the rain we've been having, and that my soil absorbs and holds water for a long time. At least, all that I need to get in the ground are some annuals, everything else is going into pots, and plants I've bought are getting upgraded into bigger pots until I can plant them. I think I might be able to get to work on my new gardens by July, when we usually start to dry out. But the perennials will have to wait until late August into September to be planted unless I want to hold a hose all summer long. Heh, I usually do anyway.


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I know Karen, the rain in Oh is ridiculous!!! We have no choice but to plant in the rain! Hahaha. Well, I figure it this way, my beds are brand new raised beds with brand new "planting bed mix soil" so considering it's in such great shape to begin with and I plan to topcoat with organic mulch each year, I hope that by planting out in it wet won't do too much harm. I HOPE!! It's topsoil mixed with tons of sand and compost and the organic mulch is mixed with lots of leaf humus. That's what they told me anyways.... Looks great to me but I'm NO EXPERT on soil!

Considering switching gears and giving my garage a thorough cleaning while we have a week of rain ahead of us. It will take me all week to find the garage floor!! Sure would help to get the garage organized!!

I sure did pick a "great" year to ws over 1000! Note sarcasm.....

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I have heard that warning about planting in wet soil for years!! All I have to say is whomever came up with that is not from the south. When my ground is dry you need a jack hammer or a big auger to go more than 3 inches deep. Tad exagerated but not by far, lol

Jodie I planted out about 20 the other day and I was tired, I kept thinking in my head at least I am not jodie!! Lol

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It's finally raining here. Last two days, I planted about 44 jugs/trays. I think I run out of room even with the new extension.

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