Suggestion for small evergreen tree

tricia_pa(z6b PA)October 19, 2010

I need a suggestion for an evergreen tree/shrub that would be a focal point in the front of our house in front of our porch. I would prefer something no bigger than 15 feet, airy, not too dense. We currently have a blue atlas cedar that was there when we bought the house and of course is getting very large. It looked great for a few years but we're having it removed as it will soon dwarf the house.

Thank you for any ideas.

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I would go with American Holly. Its a rare Pennsylvania native tree. It also is slow growing and its small red berries provide food for songbirds in the winter. It does however max out at 50 feet but thats not for well over a hundred years.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

There are some really nice American Holly cultivars as well. Like 'Satyr Hill', 'Dan Fenton', etc. These were selected for form, nice leaves and good berry production. Might be hard to find.

Also, as far as conifers go, there are some really gorgeous Hinoki Cypresses that you might like. They almost convey an Asian feel. Not too dense, nicely layered branching effect. Look them up! Lots of cultivars to choose from. Some have gold tips. All stay a nice green in winter. Don't require pruning.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

please define 'evergreen'

do you want a conifer ... flowering shrub ... berry shrub ... ????

evergreen means many differing plants ...


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tricia_pa(z6b PA)

Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely do some research on the American hollies. A hinoki cypress was one of my thoughts too. I saw a golden one in the nursery and really liked it.

By evergreen, I meant non-deciduous. I don't have my mind set on a conifer, flowering shrub, etc. I am open to a wide range.

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