Weird looking own root pattern

zone6-njDecember 16, 2013

Hi everyone,

On my 2nd year jude the obscure own root from heirloom, I'm noticing a weird like brown stripes going down vertically almost like the wood is old, however this is the only branch coming from the ground, and all the other branches come from this I'm sure it's very important. Don't mind the snow by the way, this was on here way before the winter. I would say it started end of summer. It feels rough when I rub my hands against it, and almost seems like the branch is outgrowing and stretching... Almost giving a "ripping effect". I'll attach some pictures, this is worrying me because it's my favorite rose!! Well, one of them haha.

Thanks for the help, and I hope to diagnose/solve this issue with my own root jude.

Take care.

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Another image

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Another image

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Did you have cicadas this summer, by any chance?

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Now that I'm thinking about it, I might have heard one or two during the earlier summer months. Any reason why?

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Cicadas make deep jagged gashes through the bark and into the wood.

Rose bark changes as the cane matures. I can't make anything out in the photos, but I doubt this is anything more than normal change.

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It just looks like normal bark to me - lots of roses get bark on their older canes. Not to worry.


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