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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)May 9, 2013

First ws sprouts here in Zone 4 on Tuesday, papaver and dianthus.
Usually I have a wave of germination around mid-May. Wondering if this will be late because of our cold, snowy spring.

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Congratulations! You know they will just keep coming now!

Even here in zone 7, germination is very slow this year. I am hoping we'll at least get an extended season into the fall for it.

I've gotten enough sprouting to start planting out, but boy do those dianthus, fever few and sweet william seedlings look desperately unready to be in the ground. They've not grown at all since they were put in - - I think they would like to hop on a plane to Florida.

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Congratulations, MN!
Last year at this time, I was planting out like crazy. This yr I've only planted out Zinnia (which are doing great)

today or tomorrow I'm going to plant out poppy which is still small, but I'm tired of waiting. I imagine that altho the sprout is tiny, below the earth the root is most likely long and strong, and will be able to hold its own in the garden.

today is sup'd to be 79 here, that after 2 days of rain hopefully will give the little sprouts a push.

The salvia that I ordered finally sprouted! That's everything, unless I sow more.

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terrene(5b MA)

Congrats on your sprouts! Maybe winter has finally broken and Spring has arrived. Yippee - Spring is so great - hope you enjoy every second.

My first sprouts were a couple weeks later than usual this year, although it was early April, not early May. Usually it's late March. I am still getting sprouts and it's always exciting. Just today I had one Franklinia alatamaha and one Magnolia grandiflora sprout appear! To see at least a couple those tree seeds actually sprout after a long winter is great.

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Congratulations on your tree sprouts Terrene.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

You must have a ton of patience to do trees from seed, Terrene. I did a few blue spirea shrubs about three years ago. They might bloom this year after two years in the ground. And they're still kind of small compared to our other spirea, which grows like a weed. Maybe it's because the blue isn't a native variety here -- got the seeds from someone in Wisconsin.

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terrene(5b MA)

Yes trees and shrubs take a lot of patience. Some trees can take 15 years to bloom. I know that not all these guys will grow successfully, but that's okay too. It's fun to watch the process. And honestly I have no idea where I'd plant all of these anyway.

I think gardening and starting plants from seed teaches you some patience. When I'm not patient, I go to the nursery and get instant gratification! And not feel guilty about it because with WSing you can have lots of plants for little money. :)

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