Crepe Myrtle Leaves dropping

aviatrixOctober 15, 2008

Is now the time I should expect my Crepe Myrtle to lose it's leaves in Orange County, CA? Planted it (at 15 gallons and about 7 ft tall) last spring and it did beautifully all through summer. About a month ago the leaves started drying out from the tips and dropping off. We just had a strong Santa Ana wind event and now it's all but bare. Is this normal for Crepe Myrtle in my area? Seems a little early to me for Southern California.

Hoping it's not dying.....

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I suspect it is suffering from those arid winds (and maybe arid soil if recently planted--not really established). Mine are green until a frost (usually by the first half of November). Many deciduous trees and shrubs will shed leaves if moisture is inadequate regardless of temps.

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