mulch over exposed roots

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)October 29, 2012

Under a large sugar maple, where the lawn has died and the roots showing on the surface, I saw where our HOA has simply put a basic shredded bark mulch maybe an inch thick over it all rather than trying to plant grass.

At first I thought this was bad, then I figured, well, as long as it's no deeper than natural leaf litter would be, why not?

Is this an acceptable thing to do instead of burying with soil (Bad I know) or the futile attempt at planting grass?

How deep of mulch is OK? And should you remove old mulch each time you remulch or just add on top as the old stuff decomposes? I'd worry about it covering the roots too deeply.

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Yeah you can do that. I would never remove old mulch although I know of peeps that do that. The older and more decayed it gets, the better it has become at adding humus to the soil. That's a good thing.

IF one must re-mulch, as some places do every year whether it needs it or not, grabbing one of those three-pronged cultivators and stirring things up can work wonders. In fact, if the matted-down appearance of the old mulch is what's bugging you, just the cultivating can make it look good again.


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