Roses in a Raised Bed?

Sylvia Weiser WendelDecember 26, 2013

I have a 4'x4', 8" high raised bed that my son built for me from a Sunset mag plan. I grew vegetables in it for 2 seasons with only meager success. In October I turned over the soil and saw it had fungus!! So I dumped it all and the bed has sat empty since.
If I filled it with new dirt and planted bareroot roses, would that work? This location does get 6 hrs of sun. How many roses could, no, should I put in that small space - say, 4 floribundas? Or would it be more interesting to raise one huge specimen rose -- and if so, which one??
The raised bed occupies a fairly prominent place, so whatever I put there will be very visible.
Thanks!! Sylvia

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Your probably going to get different opinions so here goes

First off what is UNDER that raised bed? Hopefully soil of some sort so the anchor roots can grow into it... ?

I myself would plant just one regular sized rose bush in a 4ft by 4ft space... flowers could be planted around the bottom of the rose if desired to feel in any empty spaces.

I would want to plant a very disease resistant rose for your area since it will be in a fairly visible area...

I can not recommend a certain rose because I have no idea what your growing conditions are like...

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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

Jim, there is soil under my raised bed. The soil used to be lawn until it was pulled up last year.

Almost every rose is listed as "disease resistant" these days. That being said, I'd rather have something interesting or exotic if I can have only one bush in that space. Mildew is not a problem here since it doesn't rain from April till November ...

I was hoping for a bourbon or moss rose or something else not mass marketish. Thoughts, anybody?

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Personally, I would plant one of the smaller tea roses there (my 'Safrano has stayed a mannerly size for over 40 years, and is gorgeous and blooms 11 months of he year) - they bloom constantly in warm climates, and you do not have to spray them. A china rose would also be a good choice (look at pictures of 'Old Blush', or 'Mutabilis') - partly it depends on what kind of rose look you like.

Or, you could build a climbing structure in the bed and plant a pillar type rose.


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