Pictures as Promised!

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)May 14, 2013

Here are some pics of my new beds here in Elk City, ID. I took all these yesterday :)

Some seedlings of Lettuce, Mustard 'Tatsoi and Sunflower seedlings. Sunflowers are crosses between 'Moulin Rouge' and whatever other sunflowers were growing at the forgotten. Nice not knowing what the surprise colors will be :)

This is one of the newest beds and was just finished about 6 days ago. I moved in some of last years wintersown Golden Marguerite, some Hens-n-Chicks and sedum in front, and some Liatris from corms planted last year. I've tried W' sowing liatris a few times with zero luck. The bed is bigger than it looks in the pics too:)

Not wintersown, but here are some peppers and tomatoes

More wintersow seedlings of African Daisy (Dimorphotheca) and Calendula. Those teeny ones near the Mustard were supposed to be Red Russian Kale, but I got something mixed up! I think those could be raddish lol!

Rosa rugosa w'sown in 2009-10 brought with me and planted last spring. There are 2 but currently am rooting a cutting. Also this is on the corner of the lot and the area surrounding these two plants has been treated with roundup (hate to use herbicides, but the ground here is too hard and gravelly) and plan to plant last years wintersown Lavender and this years Thymus serpyllum

This bed was made last spring and planted with 2012 wintersown seedlings. It faces south and west

This was labeled Geranium 'Biokovo' in trade but don't think that is what it is. With some research, I think this is Geranium rendardii? They are not very dissected leaves.

Another pic of the Geraniums

All of last years wintersown Snapdragon 'Black Prince' are filling back in....yeah :)

Coreopsis lanceolata and Hyssopus officinalis and Blue Flax at back. I also just transplanted some Penstemon 'Husker's Red' from the the other side of the house were they will get better sun. You can just barely see one of them near the rock; right hand side of pic

Same bed....some German Catchfly

Same bed from another angle. The Blue Flax are full of buds and getting close to flowering. Boy I sure hope these plants will get as big and beautiful as they did at the last place!

Standing back....a pic showing the west facing side of the bed

Another look of the newest bed. Also can see another small bed made at same time across the walkway up against porch wall. This is where I'm planning to place some sunflowers and nearest the walk-way the tipi will have 'Star of Yelta Morning Glories. BTW on the back wall of this porch I rigged up a trellis made of garden twine and hooks to support indoor sown Purple Hyacinth Bean. Have no idea if they will even bloom though given our early first frosts here. Hope last year was just a fluke :O

Gonna look sooooooo much better when it's filled in!

Can't wait to see it with perennials blooming this year! Last year all that was blooming was annuals....pretty, but not as full as I like it. I need the really full; the can't-see-much-ground- look...
So for old time sake..... :)

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Oh my, that final pic is lovely!

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Beautiful pictures! Thank You for posting them.

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Looks like you're well on the way in the new place, vera! Ah, but that last photo ....


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terrene(5b MA)

Wow, I know they're not WS, but your peppers and tomatoes look great! How exciting - you've got a new place to landscape. Looks like you're off to a great start and I'm sure your gardens will look beautiful like the old house in a few years.

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I'm glad you posted that last picture. 1st bec it is gorgeous! and it encourages me - I worry that I am planting too much too close. But I also like that look where you cannot see any soil, and so I hope mine emerges and has that look.

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Hi PV!! How's that balcony lookin'?

Thanks Terrene. Those are Medusa, Thai Hot, and Black Pearl Peppers. Once full time in the sun those Black Pearl leaves will get much pretty! Unfortunately those tomatoes will not likely see a mature fruit (sigh)....I eagerly started them not paying any attention to DTM. They are Cherokee Purple and Black Plum; seeds saved from last garden. Frost comes too early here in the mountains...ugh! I started some more that are early maturing Black Cherry and Manitoba, but are just now getting true-leaves.


I still have tons of Lavender seed if you need it :)


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Thanks for the pix. Looks like you're on your way to beautiful new beds, but it must have been hard to leave your old garden if that last picture is from there. Then again, think of all the fun you get to have planting the new ones. :)

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Lookin' good, Vera!


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thanks for the offer, Vera. Can I send you a SASE?

What kind of camera did you use to take those beautiful pics?

I am looking for one that is easy to use, inexpensive and takes great pics.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Thanks for sharing your photos, Vera. Looks like you have a good start and yet plenty of empty areas to add to this year.
I remember your lovely lavender at your previous home.
My blue flax was planted a few years ago after seeing your beautiful plants.

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Miss Vera, All of a sudden I feel not so by myself in starting over. :O) Nice pics! Looks like great gardens coming up. Keep us posted on their progress. Looking forward to more photos!

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Oh my.....I got so busy, this was my first time back online in a while! I don't need a SASE, just send me an email with your addy :)

Tiffy! I didn't realize you had to start over too! How is it coming along?


    Bookmark   May 30, 2013 at 1:12PM
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