Fuyu Persimmon in Pot question

voxleoOctober 28, 2011


I'm working on my second Fuyu persimmon attempt with a bare root tree from Home Depot purchased last tree season. After the first one died, I think from being moved too much (Plus I bought one of the stragglers at the end of the season, then didn't get it in the ground for a while) I decided it would be safer to leave my next one in a portable container until there was a certain spot for it to live permanently so as not to traumatize it so much. So I put it in the most gigantic container I could find and it did noticeably better than "Percy" #1- quite nicely the twig of a trunk sprouting new branches nearly right away this spring with healthy leaves which are now starting to turn orange (and this is supposed to happen, right?)

The container is quite large, a modified plastic laundry tub which is a bit bigger than the biggest planter at Home Depot, which i think is at least 18 or 25 gallons. Its only portable to the degree that I can find someone muscular to help me drag the thing to wherever it is sunny that part of the year. I am wondering how long, though, i can reasonably expect it to be content there before it gets unhappy and root bound?

We live in an odd bend of the road that makes our back yard quite hot in the summer but shaded in the winter, and the front yard is shadier in the summer(I think) and sunnier in the winter than the back. I can't decide where to put it so that it will get appropriate sun. If I have to choose between it getting more sun in the summertime vs the winter, which would it like better?

I don't know if this is a "giant" fuyu or the regular kind - but the bag said it would get about 20 feet? How soon should I get it in the ground?

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in los angeles, in sunny so cal if that matters, too.. =)
Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Sorry I might be off on the subject. But I have a question about soil for fuyu persimmon in pot. Can I mix Pro Mix BX with cow manure or compost for my persimmon soil? and if it's ok to do that, do I still need to fertilize from time to time?
Any advises would be appreciated.
Dee in Texas

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