Tanenashi Persimmon Tree in zone 6???

parkboyknls(6)October 5, 2010

Looking to get a few oriental persimmon trees and would really like to get atleast one Tanenashi but Im not sure if they will survive here in central KY. Anyone have any luck with one of these in zone 6 or know if they will do ok here? Also which other varieties will work here and where is a good place to get persimmon tree's ? Thanks alot

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Try posting this on Fruits and Orchards forum. And, search the posts there -- there are a number of people in similar climates, KY, Maryland, N. Virgina, even SE PA, growing Asian and hybrids (Nikita's Gift, Rossenyanka) successfully in your region.

If you're looking for a great source, btw, I really recommend Just Fruits and Exotics Nursery in Tallahassee, Florida. They have a wonderful selection of persimmons, including some varieties from Korean and Manchuria good for Zone 6, and their trees are really large and beautiful, and all shipped in the pot.

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I've had Tanenashi growing here at Hopkinsville for 2-3 years; no fruit yet, but no winter damage, either.
Also have Saijo(fruiting nicely this year), Hokkaido, Hana Fuyu(1 fruit this year), Tecumseh, Hachiya, Great Wall(has fruited), Sheng, Ichi-ki-kei-Jiro, Peiping(or Pen, I can't recall which), Maekawa Jiro, Rizu, maybe a couple more I can't think of at the moment, about 30+ D.virginiana selections, Rosseyanka, Nikita's Gift, and Keener - the hybrids.

England's Orchard & Nursery and Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery are two good KY nurseries that offer persimmons - but NRNTN only has American varieties.

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