Favorite Deciduous Mail Order

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)October 22, 2013

Curious what everyone's favorite mail order nurseries are.

Gossler Farms and Classic Viburnums are two of my favorites.

Other honorable mentions include Broken Arrow Nursery, Mr Maple, Song Sparrow, Oriental garden supply and Whitman.

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Well I got 4 ttonto crape myrtles and they are doing swell

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cold stream farms....great selection at great prices

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Another source that is all about species plants is Woodlanders. Dax brought that one up recently.

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What has really been chapping my hide are mail orders that won't return my phone calls after I leave a message!!!!

Favorites not yet mentioned are Pine Ridge Gardens and ebay sellers pjc98 and acer1987. I have ordered from both of the ebay sellers two years in a row.

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Probably forestfarm

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NB_2009(7a-Long Island, NY)

Rarefind Nursery in NJ and Go Native Tree Farm in PA.

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joeschmoe80(6 (Ohio))

Sooner Plant Farm. Expensive when shipping is considered, but no worse than most.

I got an Autumn Fantasy maple (Acer x freemanii) from them in a Smart Pot - and this tree looked better than anything I've ordered mail order before.

For what it's worth - at least in my experience, the Smart Pots are worth it - not rootbound, only one small circling root that I was easily able to straighten out, and a nice dense root system.

I've also had good experience with Forestfarm, but have only ordered "tube" size from them - got a tube size Cedrus deodara (Shalimar) from them to do a little zone pushing. I just planted it, so we'll see how it does this winter in Columbus.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

I've never been brave enough to try any of the eBay or Amazon sellers.

I did find one seller that sells items both on their own website and through Amazon and Ebay stores called "Grimm's Gardens" out of Hiawatha, Kansas.

They're interesting in that not only are they the only place I can find that carries the Acer saccharum "Hiawatha" (sold as "Oregon Trail") but per the email exchange I just had with their owner, all the stock they grow that arrives as bare-root is grown in roottrapper bags. Some smaller stuff is traditional container if it arrived to them that way.

In fact, they're the nursery that "discovered" the original "Hiawatha 1" sugar maple in their town.

The only thing I see is they seem QUITE expensive, except that once you figure that they seem to ship free on orders over $125 they probably end up not much higher than somewhere like Forestfarm - & grow in root pruning bags as a plus.

The ebay store has pictures of the actual plant you'll get (Amazon does not), and I must say most of their maples look quite lush and healthy.

Still, $180-$200 for a maple in a #7 Roottrapper seems high to me even w/free shipping.

I'll have to compare it to somewhere on the West Coast with shipping included to make a more fair comparison.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

To clarify my post above, he said if THEY recieve the plant bare root (presumably as a bare-root liner) they grow them on in roottrappers.

They don't appear to SELL anything bare-root.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Few thrown out that I never heard of. Its always fun to browse their catalogues and just have a list of vendors to chose from.

Variegated Foliage Nursery is another good one for variety but costly shipping.

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

One of those listed as a favorite above, I was all set to order from this fall. Particular tree was listed for $45 for 3'-4'. Expensive, but was available, so was going to place the order. So added it to the "cart" at which point there was a $20 additional charge for that same tree, and we had not even put in a location yet. So in reality the tree was AT LEAST $65 for a 3'-4' tree BEFORE shipping. Nice bait and switch. They will not be seeing ANY business from me. And no, it's not the western one that I dislike so much.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I never heard of that unless its a surcharge for a tree in the 5' range. Who and what? If you don't share here shoot me an email.

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

Won't post it here, but more than happy to tell you who and on what, but I don't have your email address. Send me a message at hogjawl35 at that high temp email dot com, and I'll fill you in. BTW, went back after my post to see if anything had changed. It had. Now they roll it into shipping, so that a $45 plant has $35 shipping with no explanation as why shipping is $35, when you read their notes on shipping it should be $15. My guess is someone turned them in for the bait and switch, so they moved the extra charge to shipping. Oh, and to be clear, there was no real explanation for the extra $20 charge before it was changed to shipping. Just something like "this plant has a $20 additional charge".


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nick_b79(4/5 Southeast MN)

I've had nothing but good luck with Burnt Ridge Nursery out of WA State. Good prices, and if you have any questions just give them a call, very friendly and knowledgeable.

Their website doesn't list everything they have; they'll send you a simple (no pictures) yet thorough paper catalog if you ask.

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Forest farms but anything other than Ty Ty nursery they just suck and orders are never good

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depends on what I am looking for. I am in the upper midwest, so that rules out a lot of higher zone nurseries.

Reeseville Ridge Nursery - great selection, great prices, helpful and decent service. Cons: small plants, maybe 90% survival

Burnt Ridge - decent all-around selection, including cold-tolerant domesticated fruit stock. decent prices. I've had great luck with their bare root stuff and it always looks healthy

Oikos Tree Farm - great selection for wild edibles. Pricing is decent but not great. Lots of chestnuts!

Chief River Nursery - so-so selection, but great prices and service. Good place to buy bulk.

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Mossy oak natives nursery. They have many oak varieties, and I'm an oak nut. Rarefinds is great too. There are nurseries that sell on ebay also, I have had only a couple problems and they were settled in my favor when I was right. For finding hard to find plants/seeds, it's convenient.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Tell me more about Whitman Farms - I've heard good things - but never ordered from them.

Her website looks more like a blog, so it's hard to figure out what is actually in stock. Some good pictures and cool videos, though.

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