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poaky1October 8, 2010

My young Quercus Nuttalli, 2 of them actually have what appears to be buck rub damage (sorry no way to take pics)the trees are about 1 inch diameter trunk and the damage is on 1 side of the trees approx 3 ft long strips of bark rubbed off, I'm sure this is common but I wondered if I should expect them to die being that they are so young. I live where there are woods everywhere and they had to pick my trees!I did research this and the web site said it may recover but I wondered if anyone has first hand knowledge, I have all these shingle oak acorns maybe I should sow them near these trees and if the nuttalls heal I will have to move the shingle oak.Since the trees are so small it's sort of half of the trunk scraped.Will the deer stay away if they smell people on the trees?I guess you would have to be a deer expert not a tree expert to know that. I touched the trunks, my neighbors probablt thought I was nuts going around touching all my tree trunks! poaky1

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Deer pick my nicely limbed up red maple that is isolated in the middle of my front yard instead of the more natural trees across the street.

I hung a bar of soap from my tree, sprayed it with some terriblt smelling deer repelant, and put up a bit of a wire fence around it.

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I will try the soap.I wonder if the trees are gonna make it though.One thing about that is I have so many trees I should buy stock in soap. Did the red maple recover?How big when the deer did it?poaky1

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Yup, the Red Maple had a decent year. Still a little encapsulation left.... I have pics someplace on gardenweb. It is twelve foot tall or so.

What i did with the soap is put it in an old nylon stocking and tie that swinging in the tree so it hung about deer head hogh.

Only thing i did to help the tree heal is put off some limbing up type pruning.

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"Will the deer stay away if they smell people on the trees?"

It might help if the deer are 'normal', but if the deer are regularly fed by other people and have become habituated it won't work; they'll just associate the smell of people with food.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

This tree survived...but its a honeylocust.

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I deer hunt regular and most buck rubs that I have seen kinda scabs over with a scare that will eventually heal over with time(couple of years)If this becomes much of a problem some people put tree protectors around them, and they dont look bad either. One of the most popular tree protecters in my area is ....Tubex tree shelters.When a tree is only a couple of feet tall deer often snap a tree in half when rubing and marking his territory.

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The honey locust is close to the same size of the Q Nuttalli I have so that gives some hope. I don't feed deer, I don't know about other neighbors though. This is the first year this ever happened which is surprising because the area of these trees is right where they cross the road each night.They take the same route each night, why is not understood by me. Thanks for your answers, poaky1

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"They take the same route each night, why is not understood by me. Thanks for your answers, poaky1"

Okay, I live IN the deer crossing. This has gotta be premium deer territory and bucks always seem to be staking a claim. I do the soap, cat poop, pee, wrapping, spraying, you name it. Many of my trees show some sign of deer contact. Just today, I found buck rub on a Gingkoo biloba and a large branch was assaulted on one of the Magnolia grandifloras. There's a larger Northern magnolia in the back that looks like it's been assaulted regularly over the decades. Here's the story, as long as the damage is largely vertical and less than 50% of the circumference of the tree, it should eventually callus over over a few years (doesn't happen overnight or even in a single season). Another magnolia that had about 50% of the circumference removed about three years ago is still callusing--maybe in another growing season it'll close over. Just don't apply any type of sealant to cover over the wound.--THESE ACTUALLY DELAY AND HINDER THE NATURAL ABILITY OF THE TREE TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE. What can I say, the deer were here on the first day I decided to buy my house. They do help to determine the plants that I grow (because aside from the rubs they love to eat a lot of popular garden plants--roses, hosta, hydrangeas...) Still, I have one of the lushest gardens around (despite the DEER)!

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I have small peices of soap hanging, they haven't done any more damage from what I can tell. It may be 50% but there is no need to panic yet.As far as the other plants I have yet to witness any eating of hostas and other plants but most of that stuff is closer to the house except for the groundcovers under some of the trees maybe they don't like those.

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