vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)May 12, 2014

Coreopsis tinctoria
Snapdragon 'Black Prince'
Calendula 'Citrus Cocktail'
Sunflower (from 'Moulin Rouge')
more that have lost their labels lol....oh boy lol!


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Hurray Vera.

so you will have some surprises, huh

I also have new seedling - almost everything has emerged, even tho in some it is only one, and in some, i'm not sure if i've got a flower or a weed. lol
I've got nothing in the one I most wanted coneflower pow-wow, and in another I really wanted, red gallairdia. my perennial blue salvia -not a one, sowed 4.12

but happy about Sedum for ex, which I didn't have luck with in previous attempts.

purple mullein and white mullein, both sprouted - altho not very plentifully, still - am happy to have these - both are new to me.

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Good going Vera!! You are one up on me. Hollyhocks are a no-show. My Calendulas are so growing out of their container that I will be planting them out today. First planting for this season. :O)


My PowWow just sprouted today. The nice warm temps in the last couple of days woke them up.

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