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cantelopejoe(7)October 7, 2013

Greetings! I am not 100% sure i picked the correct forum but I recently purchased a Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishik' for a cove in my front yard. It in centered in a corner between my sidewalk and my house. I live in zone 7b. The tree is 5'-7' away from the foundation. It is about 30' from any water lines and about 80' from out septic tank (lines are in opposite direction from tree). Any concerns with the tree. I understand it is grafted on standard willow stock. Also, it is in partial sun.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

It is about 30' from any water lines and about 80' from out septic tank

==>> whats your base soil ...

and i dont understated the above ... water lines????

if you mean the leach field... i would think 30 feet is pretty good for this size plant ... 80 feet is better ... and probably overkill ...

water lines should be presumed to be water tight ... supplying water to the house ... they are not really in the equation ...

but leach lines are perforated ... and those might be an issue... but at 30 or 80 feet.. on a smallish shrub .. i wouldnt worry ...

soil matters as to whether the water dissipates quickly.. rather than spreading before soaking in ..... but i still think you have the distance ...

gold start for taking the variable into consideration ... but i THINK ... key word there ... there is nothing to WORRY about ...

go for it


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I live in East TN so the soil is mostly clay BUT this guy is in a cove that is mostly well drained topsoil and some clay about 2-3' down with 3" of mulch over all of that. I am about 80' from the septic tank and the leach lines are even farther away from the plant. probably 90'. The tree is in the front of my house and the septic is in the back. I really worry more about the foundation because many people say that willows are notorious for causing damage to water lines and foundations. I have also uploaded a photo to give you a visual.

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Sorry. 3 inches of mulch not 3 feet. :-)

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nishiki willow tree form plants grow very quickly and spread roots very fast as well. a 3 gallon NW has pushed its roots over 3 feet within months of planting (in the summer heat, and in inadequate soil, mind you). With good maintenance (pruning to shape to control size) where you have put it will look great, even allowing you to let it fill in as much as you'd please. i wouldnt worry much about the roots.

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