Buddleia Japonica survives.

tiffy_z5_6_can(5/6)May 6, 2014

By mistake I ordered Buddleia Japonica seeds last year. I winter sowed them, they germinated and became part of the neglected bunch. (I always seem to have some containers that get neglected during the gardening season...)
Autumn arrived and I finally decided I needed to do something with these two containers. The plants were not big and one container was a 2 liter pop bottle and the other container was a plastic windshield wash bottle. I did not expect much after reading that these were not winter hardy in my region. Tucked them up against the house and threw some shredded leaves on them, barely covering them.
We had the coldest and longest winter in decades, but these little things survived.
I'll be planting a couple near the area where they stayed all winter and have called a few friends with microclimate areas on their property to be foster parents to some of these special ones!!
Let's see what comes of this!

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They have a strong will to live, don't they? Good luck with them :)

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terrene(5b MA)

Sounds like they are hardy little buggers. Lots of people are complaining about their Buddleia davidii dying. Mine look pathetic this year compard to past years (so far).

I had to go look them up - looks like it has a pretty form and somewhat less showy flowers, but similar to B. davidii. Are the flowers supposed to be fragrant?

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Terrene, The flowers are fragrant according to my readings. The flowers may not be as showy but the panicles are quite long and go over a foot long.

All my planted Davidiis died this winter. First time that has ever happened. The heaving is what got them. We had it bad here. Yet the Davidiis which I neglected and threw up against the shed still in their winter sown containers made it through!!!

Lesson - Plant early to establish root systems!!!!

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Tiffy, you're going to have great butterfly attractor's! The butterflies love this plant. I lost one to heaving and I accidently threw it out. The rest have made it but, they are coming along very slowly. I'm thinking about hitting them with some fish fertilizer!

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Thanks for responding Ladyrose. Seeing your zone gives me hope that these might actually survive here so I am going to plant some in the garden (with mulch) and others in pots.

Again, thanks!!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Congratulations, tiffy. I hope they will grow even more beautifully for you.

I am watching for my buddleia with bated breath. stage_rat gave me a large plant a few years ago. Last summer it grew huge. This year, it has not shown any life.

I have not been on the forum much these past couple years but it is so good to see you here again.

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